Nail cutting!

Dad tried to cut my nails today. I bled a little. He was devastated ūüė¶ Mom was shocked. Dad said sorry many times. And kissed me. I was very brave. I didn’t make a sound at all.

Its ok Dad. Love you mom.


Aaaaa Maaaaa

Mom is teaching me to speak already. I can make sounds that mimic hers. Mom is teaching me to say Amma and I am learning in bits.

She likes when I am active and pout my lips. I could pronounce Aaaaa and Maaaa separately! Mom was so happy and clapped.

Ammamma is sick today. She was too tired today. Dad made breakfast, lunch and they had scrambled eggs and prawns for lunch. Dinner was rasam! Both ammamma and mom take good care of me and get so tired attending to me.


The Little Tigress just landed. Waaaaaah! That’s what escaped my lips when I came.

In BTM, Bengaluru. I had been planning for almost an year now but my mom and dad weren’t agreeing. I somehow convinced them and reached today. It was a long journey. Took about twelve hours and a tiring, jerky journey. Lights in Bengaluru can be really bright and harsh on the eye. I was drenched in the rain and almost had tears in my eyes. My dad and mom were there to receive me. Mom was drowsy and tired and Dad was tired too. It seems both of them were waiting for me to come for so long and were waiting all day. No communication from my side freaked them out but they were there. Dad kissed me and held me gently. Mom just wept after looking at me.

A long journey awaits me. It was a tiring day for all of us and I dozing off. Good night for now!


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