Getting a shot

One of the bravest things I have done till date is getting shots. With little noise, struggling and tears I can handle shots easily. Well that’s what I thought. Not this time though. Dad and mom were vary as I had grown up and can now recognize the street to the hospital and especially Dr. Bharath. I had slight cold as dad had given me ice cream (Yes, I like loads of it) the previous day and was uneasy. So when dad and mom took me to hospital, I wore my white and black dress and was bright.

Once we reached the hospital, I recognized and started getting restless and uneasy. Once in the docs cabin I started weeping. Now dad was holding me and had to request me to stay put.  While Dr. Bharath managed to give the shot, I was so sad and weeping.  But to their surprise, I calmed down after the shot. I remembered that the shot was simply a small prick and I didn’t bother and went back to pulling his stethoscope 🙂 I had slight temperature all day but didn’t bother mu at all and slept and played like there was no pain at all. Mom kissed me so many times and said I am a brave girl. 😀

Do your kids cry after getting a shot? How do you manage them? Dad rubs the injection spot so the medicine gets thoroughly spread and I don’t end up with pain. If it still hardens, then comes the ice pack. Tell me your story and how you help your kids fight pain after a shot.


Vaccine time

My vaccination schedule. Dad doesn’t believe in them but had to do for me.

How can two drops of watery medicine keep you safe from many diseases?  I don’t know but had to go through so much as mom doesn’t want to take risk.
So many injections and so much pain. I am brave you know.

Did you get vaccinated? Do you know anyone who didn’t?