H for Happy Meal


I love the happy meal at Mc Donalds not because of the burger or the soft drink but for the toy. I don’t eat either of them but have the toy and look for the french fries from mom or dad’s meal. Why do they call it a happy meal if kids don’t get fries? I think they should rethink and only give french fries along with the toy in happy meal. I should ask dad to write to their PR team and see. Don’t you think so?

The Little  Tigress .JPG

Anyways this picture is from my recent visit to Hyderabad when dad came over and took me to play here at City Central mall and we had some fries and lots of ‘chats’. This time got the Jerry blender and here are dad and me exploring the toy. I have so many toys from their happy meal offers. In fact dad had started collecting them from way back in 2004 and had kept them all sealed for me. Some of them are still in their mint cover condition to be revealed only for my next sibling. Interesting isn’t it.

Do you have toys from the happy meal or any other meal like that? Share their pictures with me.




G for Tiny the Giraffe


Do you have a special toy that you love playing with over all your other toys? Well I have one. For a change he is not a teddy bear but a Giraffe. He is not huge but small and cute and mom christened him Tiny!

Over the years I have had many toys and still have many but this one is special. Mom had ordered some online for me so I can hold on to it while sleeping. I was very interested in this particular one. Tiny is made of cloth and can be washed if he gets dirty. When I was very small, I used to cuddle up to him and sleep. I bit him , kicked him, soiled him and a quick wash in the dryer and he comes out new. As I grew I still retained my interest in him and still play with him sometimes.

Tiny the Giraffe.JPG

Do you have a special toy of your liking? What would that be? Why do you like it?


My first Barbie Doll

Look what I found while exploring my cup board.


Mom hid it from me for last 8 months as she wanted me to play with it when I grow up a little. This has been presented by Sudha aunty on my birthday. I found it interesting as I have no such dolls. I liked it’s hair. I am playing with Barbie now.

Dad feels Barbie, as a toy, doesn’t give a real picture of a woman but mom feels I should play and then learn on my own. Mom won 🙂

Meet my friends!

Mom and Dad are my best friends. I play with them. But I also have few more favourite friendsI love playing with.

Amelia the monkey and Bedelia the hippo – I kick them and hit them. They make funny sounds. We named them after my favourite story Amelia and Bedelia.
Pilloo the caterpillar it runs away from when I try to catch. It’s so colourful.

Balu the ball – my first soft football. It’s colourful and so soft. This is my first soft toy. Dad bought this for me much before my arrival. He wrapped it like a chocolate.

Tigger the tiger –  I can’t change his name now because he is 1928 born. He is like my great great grand father lol…

Tigoo the puppet tiger  moms favourite. It sings and acts for clap your hands song.

And mummy’s mittie the teddy bear. It’s soooo huge. Dad’s gift to her. When mom fought with dad for the first time and was angry , dad brought this to cheer her up. Oh, daddy, you are so sweet.

Dad kept his Mcd collection from 2006 ( that’s when the first mcd started in Hyderabad ) packed so that I can grow up and play with them. I will post their pictures when I unwrap them.

Did you like my toys?

Everybody loves Ronald

Heyyyyyy….I took my first picture with uncle Ronald Mc Donald.

Dad told me that uncle Ronald love kids a lot and every kid would love to take a picture with him.

Uncle Ronald invited me for lunch but I said sorry and promised him that I would visit again soon.

I am still small to eat and mom can’t eat ( wonder why? will let you know soon. Dad doesn’t like to eat alone).

I am waiting to go to MCD and have a burger meal. Heard they give toys there :).