Is walker good or bad for babies?

I am yet to walk.

Mom WAS eager to see me walk. Mom loves to see many kids of my age walking. She was worried that I am still not ready for it. She knows every kid is different and takes his / her own time and I still need time to try walking.

Every where we went, the question she had to answer was ” Is she still not walking? My baby started at 7 months or 9 months”. Many suggested to get me a walker and put me in it so that I walk fast.

Mom and Dad both are against walkers but still mom had a desire to get one. Somehow, one day she convinced dad to say ‘Yes’ to order one but the fact is she couldn’t convince herself. When in confusion all she does is to sit in front of web with her best friend Google to read and read and read expert advise. She says that’s the only thing which would help her combat this stubbornness.

Mom read many articles and one of them was this article( ) by Dr.Greene to re-assure herself that everything is normal, every baby is different and leaving the baby to grow naturally is the best.

After all once I start walking can any one stop me? Let me enjoy this time of crawling , helping myself to learn to walk NATURALLY. I am not in any race. Ecclesiastes Ch:3 in the Bible says ‘To everything there is a time’.

For now, my walkers are my Mom and Dad. When I feel to get up and walk, my walkers help me walk with fun. Holding my hands. guarding me, singing one-two-three-four-five or one-two buckle my shoe, giving me a hug, kiss and patting me ‘good job’ when I reach my target line. Can the other walkers do all these except singing the same tune. Isn’t it?

But yes, as Dr.Greene suggested once I start standing alone and start taking my first steps I will have my push car to walk and have fun with.

We are searching for a classic wooden push car. Do you know where we can get one?