Using Music in Autism Therapy

You already know that I listen to a lot of music and dad plays it all the time, so this isn’t a surprise to the most of you. Music can help provide a calming effect for many children who are facing some health issues. If you are a special child, or know someone who is, do share this and may be it an help them.

Here is my friend Siddhu who researched on how music can be of a great help to help with special children.


Here is the video for you. Check out and let me know what you think. There is nothing you can’t achieve with a little love and music.



Sound Sense, the #HappiestSound

This March 3rd being the World Hearing Day we were invited to get our child tested for hearing test. The event was organized by Cochlear India, the market leader in hearing implants to spread awareness and provide hands-on experience of a hearing test.

Every child is a blessing of God and is a wonderful joy to be around. I love the squeals of laughter and fun we have when I meet children. This is a post with a strong message for all parents. When we had our baby, we were so excited and happy to have someone so cute and chubby in our arms. When the doctor said, “Bring her for evaluation,” We were worried as to why he is checking her nose, weight, height, tongue, ears, eyes and so on. We were then told the tests were to done to check if everything was alright. You can imagine a huge sigh of relief when we were told that everything was clean. But nationwide, statistics speak something else. Let me explain.

In India, 63 million people (6.3%) suffer from significant auditory loss. Four in every 1000 children suffer from severe to profound hearing loss. With over 100,000 babies that are born with hearing deficiency every year. The estimated prevalence of adult-onset deafness in India was found to be 7.6% and childhood onset deafness to be 2%.

Now you must be wondering why I chose to speak of hearing loss. Our hearing is not an independent sense, it is also quite dependent on several things around us. It is important to note that without hearing a child cannot develop speech and language. Between the ages of 1 – 3, a child grasps words and actions from the environment around them without having any logical reasoning to it. These are the crucial growth years. This is the age when a child begins to recognize people, relate to the environment, hear, talk clearly, and make conversation.

Unfortunately, hearing loss is often not detected until a child is 2, 3, or even 4 years old, especially in rural areas. This is due to the poor awareness about deafness and its relation with speech and language development. Another reason is the lack of infrastructure, no access to a good ENT surgeon, audiologist, audiological equipment, and speech therapist.

We spend so much money on unnecessary things and choose to wait it out and listen to our relatives, friends who say, “Don’t worry, he will speak! You started speaking at the age of 2 as well.” We should get our children checked as soon as they are born and in regular intervals to see if there is any form of hearing loss, and if the hearing milestones are met.

If in case you find that your child needs hearing therapy and hearing loss needs intervention, do not delay and rush to the experts. Please ensure your child grows up like any other normal child and enjoys sounds like they are supposed to be enjoyed. Sometimes the hearing loss is severe and beyond the scope of help that hearing aids can provide. Such cases, need intervention by placing an implant.

Dr. Medikeri said the #HappiestSound he heard is when the machine turns on! Smile, tears of joy and anything can happen.


The test was simple, swift and the devices were not very intrusive. We got tested for our hearing as well as our children. In case of an agitated child, the doctor would administer a medication to relax and then administer the test. The test would be done within five minutes and you can walk out with your child smiling with the candy. The hearing test would help you relax if your child can hear properly and would alert you if not and take necessary corrective action before it is too late. Hearing loss is not something that happens in a jiffy, it is a gradual process and should be checked regularly.

There are two parts to the device. First is the implant goes onto the skull near the ear. The processor collects sounds that the implant helps the brain decipher. The child can wear it discreetly in her hair and has nothing hanging over her ear.



We got to see the latest innovation, after the hugely popular Freedom and Nucleus 6, Cochlear™ has launched Kanso™ – the smartest, most discreet innovation in the field of cochlear implants to date. It was so discrete, small & cute with no wires – none at all! We met a recipient – young, normal child bubbly off spotlight and shy being in limelight. One of my friends was invited to see where the implant was on her head and she had a tough time to figuring it out – that discrete. Being the latest in technology, it helps the child go undetected and not bullied at school and perform her natural routines with ease. Guess what? Komal is one of the leading contenders in her school for winning Spelling Bee contests.

The latest Kanso™ version comes in 8 different colors to match your natural hair

I would strongly recommend getting your child tested for hearing loss and see if they are matching their milestones. It is a simple, painless test to help you stay on a safer side. By the way, we met Bret Lee, who is the Global Hearing Ambassador for Cochlear™.


#SoundsOfCricket, #HappiestSound

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C for Choo Choo Train


One of my most favorite rhymes is Choo Choo train. Amma as my mom prefers to be called makes this sound of the train with her hand and I love it and burst to peels of laughter. I love trains, I mean in the rhymes and toys but the first time I was in train, I will never forget. It was so long and huge and made the same sound as mom. Mom loves train journeys and all the chaos that comes with them. We went from Bengaluru to Hyderabad and this was a superb journey. I was with dad near the door all the time and made friends with the TC uncle, catering staff and other passengers.

I also went on the toy train at Nehru Zoo and it was in a tiger design and was smaller version for kids and family to go around. I could see the animals along the way. A peacock was walking along with us and monkeys hooted to us. I liked the train go slowly and in a musical rhythm.

Coming back we again came in train and this time I occupied the window seat in our ac cabin and looked out till all the light went dark. So many people and so many stops and there I am sitting down with the people I love and stay silent observing as I have not seen so many people rushing around me. I fell in love with journeys and have told dad to take us to one place at least once in a year. Where are you going this summer? Tell me all about it.







My post!

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Messi play time

So how do you play? Clean, neat and nice? Well that is tough when you are small and I have always been encouraged to play freestyle and the mess actually is clean. I move from one toy to another and then another and another and mom has a lot of work to do when she picks them up after me. Now I am too small to pick my own toys but mom doesn’t complain. Once in a while dad chips in too. I play with everything that comes around and I can get my hands on. If you don’t find something then it must be in my toys. 

Dad says it helps increase my ability to decipher what things are and helps me grow my creativity when I am indoors. While I broke his watches, phones and many other delicate items, mom encourages me to explore and play. So this is what it looks when I am just warming up. So here is to playing messy and growing up. Have a great day!


Visiting Mr. Giraffe

Did you know that my favorite animal is the Giraffe? I had several toys of Giraffe and I always wanted to see one for real but didn’t get the opportunity. Now that we are in Hyderabad, Mom made sure we visited the Nehru Zoo and this was incredible experience for me as I enjoyed to the core. Though it was a hot day, we went in dad’s car and could get to see several animals and most importantly the Giraffe 🙂 

He was strolling joyfully in the park and was amazing to see. He is sooooooo tall and had a long with which he was eating leaves. Do you know how easy he can reach the tall trees and the leaves? We also saw lions, tigers, birds and many other interesting animals here. If you are in Hyderabad, you must visit this place.

Being Hyderabadi!

So you know that I am in Hyderabad to visit my maternal grandfather who is ill and is recovering. Trip to Hyderabad is always good as I have lots of things to do and play. I can stay with Granny and play with her and go to the park behind my house. We have two balconies where I can go and play. One of the balconies overlooks the street. I play there a lot and spend time looking at people, bikes, cars and children going to school and so on.

The best part is tasting so many different kids of Hyderabadi biryani that mom orders when I don’t eat the regular stuff. I play till late night and sleep off with mom and get up early to play again. My sleeping pattern is changed by I love being here. Sometimes I miss dad. I wake up in the night and search for him and get teary and cry. Mom then holds me and kisses me and put me on call with dad. Sometimes she sings songs that dad used to sing for me to sleep. I miss dad a lot though I don’t say that often as I don’t want mom to worry. Dad comes in once every three weeks and plays with me.

When dad was here we went shopping, visited the zoo and took the train trip and many more. Mom tells me so many stories from here when we are in balcony. The best thing about being Hyderabadi is the number of pigeons here. I love chasing them all the while. 

Now that Swamy tata is getting well, we will go back to Bangalore soon. Mom and dad were in Hyderabad for several years and this trip was very helpful for mom too. Which place would you like to go and see?

He Drove All Night

I was running high fever. 103 F to be exact. I was not sick because of viral. I was sick because my heart longed to meet someone. Mom knew what was happening. She called him and put him on speaker and told me to speak to him. 

I couldn’t speak to him on the phone. I wanted to tell him all that is in my heart. How much I longed to see him, meet him, touch his face and hug him but the words weren’t easy. I was full of tears and my voice choked. I was too overwhelmed by emotion that just little wails escaped. Mom took the phone away hugged me and tried to console me. I was missing him big time and didn’t stay this long away from him. I cried myself to sleep and was dreaming that he was with me. Holding me. Consoling me and kissing me and telling me not to worry.

He couldn’t stay back. It was already late in the night and he just walked out of wherever he was and took the first thing he could. He wanted to drive but mom requested him not to. After traveling for 10 hours swapping buses, autos, taxis, walked and reached me. I was still in sleep when he came up, took bath and quickly changed to snuggle against me. I still had fever. 
He held me close and whispered how much he loved me and apologized for not being there. Next to me. He was there when I woke up. He was caressing me curls and gently kissing my forehead. He might not have driven all night but he was there next to me and hugging me. I woke up sweating and my fever had come down. Whole morning he was with me listening to everything I told and did all that I wanted to do. I don’t remember when the fever left me. I was up and running all over. My happiness and smile returned. I may be doing whatever I want all day and night. But when I sleep or am down or am sick, I miss him dearly. I may be my mom’s girl but I am my dad’s princess. My dad took this trip. He might not have driven all night but made it home to me. Just to wipe out my tears and make me smile.

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On a trip

I am going on a trip
In momma’s favorite ship
Zooming though the skies
Little Tigress

I am off to Hyderabad for a few days to my Grandpa’s home. So off blogging for a few days but will come back with a lot of stories from there.