Honey bee sting


I found a honey bee today flying in the bedroom. I love playing with bee toys from the Bee movie and I picked it up to have a closer look. The little fella was scared and stung me on my thumb! I should have been careful but this is my first experience with bees and I threw him right away and started screaming. Mom came running and saw my state and saw the bee. Dad rushed and found the sting and took it out without squeezing and then started the frantic side of all. Mom panicking, dad rushing with ice to rub on it all this while I was singing out loud (take that as screaming at the top of my voice with tears rolling from my eyes and sending everything berserk).

Finally, mom came up with this idea of rubbing a fresh cut onion juice on the wound and it really helped relieve the pain as it was cold and wet and works as a local anesthetic and ice helped too. Dad didn’t panic (He did. BIG time). I calmed down and slept off after some time. Mom and dad were watching out for any change in breathing pattern,, or swelling or allergies and luckily I didn’t have any. More than anything else, hugs, love, and kisses from mom and dad helped and I am a happy kid as always 🙂

Lesson learnt, next time don’t touch the bee and see from far! If you get stung, remove the sting, wash with water, use ice, onion juice and Calosoft to relieve pain and if you see any allergies, rush to ER.

Pic is from here.


F for fireworks

Guess what happened when we went up to terrace last night?! Fireworks. Someone in the neighbourhood was celebrating something and thy decided to send out some nice fireworks to the night sky. The dark clouds that shrouded the evening sky in Bangalore only helped them glow in full bloom. This picture doesn’t do any justice to the times of purple, red, yellow and orange that I saw and what a delight it was. I was amazed at the colourful display that unfolded unexpectedly in front of my eyes.

Dad tells me that some of the fireworks are dangerous and need to be handled by parental supervision only. I agree. Do you like fireworks? Which one is your favourite? Dad promised me we will buy some next time they are available and celebrate. I think he means when I grow up?! Dad bhi na!

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How many? Count with me!

Here is another beautiful simple song to help you learn counting. I love it as they show animals, shapes and pictures and teach counting. I like the music too. Don’t you love it when you see a good theme based song?

Happy Independence Day

I am born in a country which got its freedom 68 years ago this day. I am born in a country where freedom of its citizens is protected as a right in the constitution and I am proud to be born in this country. We are a deeply passionate, proud and patriotic nation and we love freedom. Here is saluting the numerous freedom fighters who laid their lives during and after the freedom struggle, here is wishing the families of soldiers who spend time away from their families and wont hesitate taking a bullet for me, here is to the numerous teachers, farmers, public servants who toil to make this nation better in a small way. 

Thank you Lord for blessing our nation with freedom and giving us peace. Here is to celebrating freedom. Vande Mataram.

Do you like this special dish mom made for me from The Kitchen Story?

My new shoes

Good bye summer and welcome rains. I love rains and am really excited to get wet in the rain. I am doing good and am growing up so tall that dad had to get me some new shoes.

Some shopping experience it is. He is very picky about shoes and so is mom. As mom and me couldn’t go shopping he went on our behalf a was sending pictures of all the ones he liked by whatsapp and left the final choice to mom and me. I liked these and got them. Walking with them is nice but I miss the sounds the old ones used to make. Dad said he will get me many more pairs soon.

One step at a time and I am running already! Granpa called and was overjoyed when I spoke to them in words they could understand.

Do you like my new shoes? Let me know. Love you all and good night 🙂

Two little fishes and their New home

Some of my toys are being given away!

There is this cute little girl of 8 months who has just three pebbles to play with. Dad buys her chocolates and other snacks and she smiles whenever she sees dad. Today dad clicked a nice picture of her playing and showed to mom.

Mom came up with this idea of giving her some toys and dresses and I agreed 🙂 here are two of my favourite fishes from my bath collection that are going as a small gift to play with little Naga Lakshmi. I hope she likes them and they take good care of her.

Today is Sunday and in church pastor Younus mentioned about loving your neighbour as yourself. I am too young to understand any of this but I am glad I have mom to show me the right way and share my blessings with other people.

What do you do with your toys and dresses once you have outgrown them? Why don’t you share them with others who would love them like a prized possession? Go little fishes and spread my love and joy in another home where another little angel is waiting for you.

Why I hate Ranbir Kapoor

Did I tell you I hate Ranbir Kapoor?

Look at this ad for example. He does act well and the ad is simple but some how it moves me to tears. Mom observed this first and then found out I don’t like him at all 😦 Why? I don’t know. I am too small to think about those things 🙂 Okay from now on when this ad comes on tv, dad and mom jump to grab the remote and change the ad 🙂

Ear piercing

Dad and mom are inquiring for a painless ear piercing option for me in Bangalore. Do you know anyone where I can get my ears pierced painlessly?

Yes I am gearing up to wear all those nice danglers, studs and wonderful pearls and what not. Yes no you can go jealous.

Naki naki

I love advertisements. You know that bu now I guess. I am especially in love with some of the wonderful tunes! Naki naki is one of them and here is the video for you to watch. Mom sings this for me and I break in to giggles and squeals of laughter 🙂