Being Hyderabadi!

So you know that I am in Hyderabad to visit my maternal grandfather who is ill and is recovering. Trip to Hyderabad is always good as I have lots of things to do and play. I can stay with Granny and play with her and go to the park behind my house. We have two balconies where I can go and play. One of the balconies overlooks the street. I play there a lot and spend time looking at people, bikes, cars and children going to school and so on.

The best part is tasting so many different kids of Hyderabadi biryani that mom orders when I don’t eat the regular stuff. I play till late night and sleep off with mom and get up early to play again. My sleeping pattern is changed by I love being here. Sometimes I miss dad. I wake up in the night and search for him and get teary and cry. Mom then holds me and kisses me and put me on call with dad. Sometimes she sings songs that dad used to sing for me to sleep. I miss dad a lot though I don’t say that often as I don’t want mom to worry. Dad comes in once every three weeks and plays with me.

When dad was here we went shopping, visited the zoo and took the train trip and many more. Mom tells me so many stories from here when we are in balcony. The best thing about being Hyderabadi is the number of pigeons here. I love chasing them all the while. 

Now that Swamy tata is getting well, we will go back to Bangalore soon. Mom and dad were in Hyderabad for several years and this trip was very helpful for mom too. Which place would you like to go and see?


Happy Father’s Day!

What can I say? The first thing I remember about coming into this world is seeing my anxious dad waiting to have a glimpse at me. The moment he saw me he closed his eyes and thanked God for giving me and then as the doctors were doing their bit in cleaning me up and dressing me he was hovering all around just to ensure I was safe. This is beautiful isn’t it? All parents are like this but my dad is special. I love my dad and he has been my best friend and my first love all the time. 

Every bit of the day he tries to be with me. Is partial towards me and is even too relaxed with me in terms of rules. He took good care of me when I was too small and helped mom to make me burp, give a bath, dress me up, and put me to sleep every day and so on. You see mom was recovering from the maternity issues and then dad was pitching in some extra effort to keep both of us happy. The best part and why I remember this so fondly is because of how much care he took of me when I fell sick or caught a cold. He always used to give me steam, apply Vicks to my shirt and help me stay upright by hugging me and sleeping all through the night. Breathing Vicks vapours help me relax and clear my little nose and breathe well.  At home we have more than 10 bottles in all the possible places and sizes always available to apply at our beck and call.

Even when he has 12 hour work days and when he was really tired he used to hug me and hold me warm and prance around the hall and living rooms all night to help me rock myself to sleep and keep me from waking up due to cold. I cherish it. Our moments. When I could be in his arms. Safe, sound, warm and healthy. Simple things of love, care and the strength and promise to be there when I was down. Though it may look like he is taking care of me, it is me who is taking care of him everyday! To hold me, guide me and help me recover and win. To help me fight cold, tiredness and fever. Though I am too small to talk and express what I feel and what I want to tell him, there is one language he understand very well and that is my hug. Every day I hug him tightly and tell him that I love him and appreciate whatever he has done for me and keeps doing. Thank you dad for being there for me when I am down. Thank you for everything. I love you.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

J for Juice

What is your favorite food? I like juices. Especially the freshly made ones. I love Chickoo, Orange and watermelon. I really enjoy the watermelon and the milkshakes. Essentially it is summer and mom makes sure I am hydrated and drink enough fluids. Being energetic to play all day, you need to have lots of fluids. I have recently acquired a taste for cornflakes and milk. What do you like most in juices?

#TheLittleTigress #AtoZChallenge

Healthy Detox

I am the best healthy detox available for dad says. He comes home tired from his days work and I run to him to hold me and tell him how my day was. He lives to talk to me listen to me and is very responsive. He says all his tiredness goes away when he looks at me and sees me smile.

Mom works all day too. Tending to me isn’t an easy job. It requires her to be alert all the time, be active and improvise based on what I throw at her. She tells me she gets rejuvenated when she gets a thank you hug from me. I love both of them and they lover too. 

What’s your detox? Parenting is not necessarily easy but with a little help from us mom and dad can pull it though. What do you think?

#TheLittleTigress #AtoZChallenge

D is for Duck Dance

I learnt this amazing dance from dad. Actually Dad and I invented it. It is quite similar to the chicken dance but is called the duck dance. We walk around like a duck and flap our hands like a duck. I love this little routine that we invented during our night sojourns. Dad stays up with me as long as I am playing and then puts me to sleep. The duck dance is usually used to pull my attention away from things which are dangerous – like a plug, sharp objects or things like that.

I love it because it is quite funny dad does it with me. I run to him and hold him squealing. What is your favorite routine? What do you like most playing with? Tell me! 

#TheLittleTigress #AtoZChallenge

Whose blog is it anyway?

It is my blog. Hence my rules. Here I am helping dad make a blogpost. Though I am letting mom and dad maintain it for now, eventually I am going to take over. I moderate their content even now as you can see here. As we finish the financial year, I am aso doing the taxes for dad. He is being taxed at 10 kisses and 2 chocolates for me 🙂
Top things I write about:
  1. Myself
  2. What I like to do
  3. Fashion tips
  4. Art, music
  5. My diary
  6. What I want
  7. Reviews of brands I have used
  8. Parenting style and technique
  9. Play
  10. Everything else 🙂

I am two and lovely too

Wow! That was fast. Not long ago dad was inviting me into this world and I could see his happy face choking with emotions as I peeped out of mom’s tummy and here I am, two years old and viola it was fast. What do I say? It was a roller coaster ride all through and this blog has helped me to stay connected and following my chronicles. I have over 8 million views on facebook and so much love, you guys have been so kind and generous with your prayers. Thank you. Stay with me as I learn to explore more places, people, food and life as a roller coaster. Here is what we did when I turned two!

A new dress, a wonderful cake, lovely balloons and a beautiful family prayer and celebration. We also went to an orphanage and gave away all the money I was intended to shop with. This is second year in a row. Here is my dress for the birthday from Faye. Do you like it?

Slate magic

I just love the slate and slate pencil. After working on walls I fell in love with this slate and am full on at it. Daddy got me the dust free chalks and I am going crazy with them. So many things to write and so little time. Let us zip and go!

Orange treatment

When I go to Sudha aunty’s place , I get Orange treatment 😉
She knows that I love the colour orange.
So is the orange bedsheet and some orange toys.
Out of all the cars she gave me I picked up my favourite orange car.
We had a nice time today But I missed going to playarea and play in sand as dad had to go elsewhere and we left her place early.
Did you observe an orange car in my hand?