The visible white

EEEEEEEEEEEE,,, Look at meeeeeeeeeeeee. My pearls are out. EEEEEEE
My smile is more and more beautiful now.

Mom wanted to capture my sprouted gums from morning but I wasn’t opening my mouth. 
I was shy :). 
She gave me this vicks box and here we go… she caught them right on the day1.

I bite. Good night.

I am very energetic and have loads of fun since the last two days. I am starting to demand more from mom and dad. Mom is exhausted, dad is tired from work. Last night I kicked, scratched and bit dad and coerced him to play with me. He was too sleepy and tired but he managed to spend a couple of hours. Mom on the other hand is digging deep into her supply of sleeplessness and is still smiling 🙂 They are scared I will fall down from the cot, so we are all sleeping on the floor with a couple of extra mattresses, which mean I have more play area!

Guess they don’t need to exercise any more as I am there to make them run, tire and be on the tenterhooks all day. Okay now I played all night and now is the time to rest and get my beauty sleep.

Today after I bite, and I like it. Now I sleep. Good night.