God will make a way

He works in ways we cannot see…
He will make a way.


Kids Church

Today I went to kids church for the very first time.

I loved it. The wall paintings are fabulous with a huge Noah’s ark and Gods creation works.

To my surprise teachers played my most favourite song “the fruit of the spirit” and I joined them with claps.

Dad said he will take me every week.

Do you send your kids to sunday school?

Jingle bells!

We were at church on X’mas day and I wore an awesome new dress Esther peddamma made for me. I was very nice and was singling along with the choir and slept off during the message. Do you like my new dress?

May God bring you cheer, happiness, health and the joy of life and love this day.

Worshiping with Arlene

I had a wonderful chance to worship the Lord with Sister Arlene Stubbs 🙂 Yes I call her sister because I am told I should consider her once of my inspirations to grow up to. 
Mom and dad love her and the way she handles herself and how she could adjust, learn, lead and serve in a community, culture she does not belong to. 

He’s still working on me

Last Sunday while watching Newlife assembly of God online service (newlifeag.in), I heard a beautiful song after a baby dedication. It’s an oldie which I used to sing in heaven and also in my mommy’s tummy 🙂 but this applies to me even now. Mom liked it too and we both heard it many times on you tube. What a song melodious hymn with an amazing meaning. Here is the link to the video. Tell me if you like it.