Awesome story time

I have so many toys. Mum has even ordered some before I was born. These pin up toys that can be used on your fingers and can be moved are my latest fad. Mom makes them speak! Yes they do!

Using props in your story will help the child realize and be more involved than what you would be doing otherwise. Sometimes it need not be a prop at all. It can be a small piece of cloth or a sock or a handkerchief that turns into a hero to rescue!

I love spending time listening to stories with my mum. What about you? What toys do you like? Which story is your favorite?

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My first movie!

I watched bits of Finding Nemo today. I was so attracted to the colors and the fish swimming that mom and dad allowed me to watch it for almost 10 mins. Mom said my eyes are so delicate and I need to grow up before I could watch for longer hours.

I am trying to decipher what all goes on around me but here is the story dad told me with the nemo soft toy 🙂

A small clown fish named Nemo gets lost(that’s what I understand) and his dad goes on an adventure trying to find him. Now Dad is very cautious to let Nemo go but in this case Nemo goes beyond dad’s and his own and the circumstances point to a harder life. In the process of finding Nemo with an unexpected partner Dory, Dad gets to an adventure of a lifetime. I liked turtles and their cool attitude and mom is going to buy a good soft toy turtle. Nemo has his own adventure where he realizes that his dad wanted to guard him from all the evil but he has to win his own battles and come out a winner. In the end, they unite and realize that their bonding has only grown with the separation and they now love each other more.

It is a beautiful story with a lot of good animation and colors. I loved it. have to grow up and watch 🙂 Bye for now. Gnite. Love you all. Goooo gu gu cooooooooooooooooooooo!

 Pics are from google.

Now listening – ‘ Harry the dirty dog’

Mom got this book and read the story aloud to me today. I love the pictures as they are simple, black and white and a little bit of green and yellow. The story is about a dog that hates taking bath. harry gets dirty and has a lot of fun but at the end of all the fun, he gets a nice bath and loves it.

Kids as young as me are usually scared of taking bath and cry all the time. On the contrary I love taking bath in the tub dad got for me. I love playing with my bath buddies. I have some nice dolphins in three different colors and different colors of fish that float around and make noises when i press them.

Do you have so much fun?
Are you like Harry and hate taking bath?

Story time

Mom read me her favourite story “Amelia Bedelia” by Peggy Parish. Loved the story.

I  know lot of language already.This story is about literal meanings and what they actually mean in usage. Mom read it and it’s a lot of fun to listen to her.

Mom also told me  ‘The Thirsty Crow’, ‘The cunning Fox and the foolish Crow’ and ‘ A Fox and a Crane’ stories. She said they are classic stories which are being told since generations. She is going to tell me Cinderella and Snow-white stories tomorrow.

Ammamma told these two stories to mom  many times and these are her all time favourites. I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow 🙂 .