Singng with Tansen

You know I sing very well, don’t you?

Today I was watching one of my favorite shows: Akbar Birbal  and when Tansen tata came online and started singing, I joined him in his rendition. I can really hit some top notes and some really cool soft ragas.

Will post my song soon 🙂

Good night.

Pic is from here.


Jesus loves me

I love watching songs on TV.

Yes! I am allowed some tv time 🙂 This is a song I am in love with now. This is from the Listener Kids stable and has wonderful light and cute characters singing the song. This is a gospel song and yes Jesus loves me.

To market, to market!

Do you know what is my favorite rhyme these days? To market to market! I love the simple words and the noiseless clean colors and message.

I hope you love it too.


Life is but a dream

Life is but a dream. I love this song. Mom found this for me when searching for the new rhymes and I initially didn’t like it. The sing was too slow. I like fast music you know but this slowly grew on me. I guess the lyrics sum it all up. Life is but a dream. So be gentle and keep rowing.

Here is the link for your to learn 🙂 Good nite!


He’s still working on me

Last Sunday while watching Newlife assembly of God online service (, I heard a beautiful song after a baby dedication. It’s an oldie which I used to sing in heaven and also in my mommy’s tummy 🙂 but this applies to me even now. Mom liked it too and we both heard it many times on you tube. What a song melodious hymn with an amazing meaning. Here is the link to the video. Tell me if you like it.