Sleep time

It is 3 AM. I am restless. I think it is too hot. Dad is resting next to me. Mom is hidden in the blanket as she feels cold. Dad and me are alike in many ways. We both want the fan to be in full speed all the time. Not that it is too hot, I am moving around and woke up dad. Mom had a long day and is trying to catch up on sleep. So dad takes me on his shoulders and brings me to the living room. This is our routine everyday. I sleep on his shoulder while he stroll in the hall instead of the bed humming some lullaby. I love to fall asleep on his shoulders. 

Mom tells him he is pampering me and it is difficult for her to do the same after a tiring day as I am used to sleep on his shoulders. I think she is right. Both of them pamper me 🙂 

Ain’t it a blessing to have loving parents? Thank you Lord for mum and dad.

My time with the Lord

A page from mamma’s diary

Wee hours of the night. 
Dim light. 
All set to sleep. 
No words, no signs and no lullabies.
Just Silence.
Enjoying her me-time cuddling mom.

Why should she giggle and laugh out loud all of a sudden?
Look at me, give that heartful and the cutest laugh again?
Turnaround, come back and hug me while still laughing?
Oh! yes, she was laughing not smiling.

I might laugh if some joke peeps in my mind.
But what can an year old think and laugh at?

My mind hasn’t stopped thinking about what happened last night.
Was she playing with Angels? Was she sharing a joke with God?

Still puzzled, all I can say is GOD! YOU ARE AMAZING.

Night out

I slept all through the day today and was very fresh and energetic at night. I ragged mom for a long time. Then she finally gave up and fought her sleep. We played till 4 am and that’s when Dad got up and played with me will 5.30 am. It is fun. I think I like nights more or may be because I love seeing dad and mom home at the same time.

Dad and mom sing songs for me, play games. You already know my favorite is peek-a-boo and I tap talam when they sing for me. Mom thinks I will be a musician and dad thinks I should be whatever I want to be. Well it is going to be tough but I think I will get along well. But as of now, I got to kick dad out of his sleep 🙂 and I have to do that without making noise as Mom is still sleeping.

Relationship expert!

I am turning to be a relationship expert. I can bring, hold and entertain people together. I grow restless if I don’t see mom every few minutes. I have left no option for her to do her daily chores. Dad asked her to look for a good cook so she can rest and relax with me. But is it called resting when you are on your toes all the time?

Hmm How do I put this? I need to keep seeing mom and she loves that. She also loves caring, padding, dressing, playing and singing for me. Dad is feeling J 🙂

Love someone so well that they would miss you every moment.

Mom and ME time

My sleeping pattern is more predictable now as I am 4 months old :).
I take regular day time naps and sleep through the nights giving mom her ‘ME-time’. She is back to her favourite past time activities ‘Googling’ and ‘Up-cycling’.

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