Beauty sleep and lighting

Lighting can’t disturb my beauty sleep πŸ™‚
Good night.


Daddy and Me

Our time. Absolute fun. Daddy and Me playing, singing and fighting now.
Once I put him to sleep comes Mommy’s time πŸ™‚

Nap time!

Was restless the whole day today. Dad was awake till 415 today and then slept. He was late to office 😦

Mommy took good care of me all day. I was sleeping on her lap all thru the day. Mom played Psalms and I rested listening to Dad.

Dad got a military hair cut today πŸ™‚ His hair was irritating me it seems(mom said).

Played with dad and we dozed off for sometime.

Spoke to J Sr today. J Sr is my nanamma πŸ™‚ She loves my voice! She said I shud be a good girl and not cry πŸ™‚ I said mmmm meeeyyy maaaa ooouUuyYy. πŸ˜€

Gnite folks.