Totally awesome lunch

Mom and dad used to hang out at various places for lunch and dinner before my arrival. Even when I was in my mommy’s tummy I had different delicious foods from different restaurants. But after my arrival they couldn’t go anywhere.

Dad promised mom a good lunch when I complete six months and here we all three with ammamma landed at moms favorite restaurant silver metro.

I was so curious to taste everything.  The platter wa so colorful and tempting me to taste.  Dad felt bad and madee taste some chicken soup. Thsts it. Mom was upset because I wad all tears.  It qas soooo spicy.  I didn’t cry though.  I hardly cry. Mom says I am a brave girl.  In these six months would have cried for about ten times only and just for a minute or two. That was also due to colicky nights and mosquito bites.

Oh where am I taking the topic to ? Dad is happy that my chicken prasana is done and mom was upset looking tears in my eyes. I liked the taste 🙂 Can’t wait no more.