We believe in a simple principle. We meaning mum, dad and us as a family. Support local businesses and never bargain with people who work hard. Dad and mum both keep buying stuff we get locally including toys which is a big plus for me.

Red umbrella.JPG

When returning from church, dad found this guy selling umbrellas and picked one for me and Jessie akka. There were two umbrellas he got – Green and Red. As Jessie akka was our guest, she got to pick the color she wanted first and she picked Green. I got red and am happy about it. May be I will learn to fight next time but mum and dad try to teach me that we should always share and make others comfortable. So here I am with the red umbrella hiding from mum who wants to feed me. As I am small enough to hide under this, she cannot see me. Don’t tell her I am here 🙂

Ps: Small moments like these are when you get a chance to teach life lessons to children and though they may be momentarily unhappy about your decision, they will learn a lifetime lessons in values that you would need to teach them later in life. This lesson would not be just for your child but for other child too. Do you have an instance where you have used to pass on a lesson to your children? Share with me!



Who likes shopping?

We usually go to Bangalore Central for shopping. I like the place as it has many colors, open space and is very bright and nice. Dad let’s mom go to shop while I do a little exploring on my own. here we are in the dresses section finding something nice for mom. I love my yellow dress and the shoes are superb combination. What do you think?

Well the staff are courteous and friendly too. I am already liking this bit, I mean shopping and am sure dad won’t mind at all. Off late, I am choosing most of the stuff we buy 🙂

So what do we do once mom comes back? We all go to the counter and pay. I love the part when dad or mom sign off on the chargeslip. Many times I take the pen off and put in my initials 🙂

My new shoes

Good bye summer and welcome rains. I love rains and am really excited to get wet in the rain. I am doing good and am growing up so tall that dad had to get me some new shoes.

Some shopping experience it is. He is very picky about shoes and so is mom. As mom and me couldn’t go shopping he went on our behalf a was sending pictures of all the ones he liked by whatsapp and left the final choice to mom and me. I liked these and got them. Walking with them is nice but I miss the sounds the old ones used to make. Dad said he will get me many more pairs soon.

One step at a time and I am running already! Granpa called and was overjoyed when I spoke to them in words they could understand.

Do you like my new shoes? Let me know. Love you all and good night 🙂 is here to stay

Look, what mom has to say about She says it is going dominate all the internet websites on deals and offers. She says she has got great deals on my toys and clothes. Read on in her own words.
I am an online shopping enthusiast. Whenever I want to buy a product I open many windows, open all most all online shopping sites and look for the best deals. This is time consuming, complicated and confusing. I have searched many sites and checked if I can get the best deals and coupons at one place. Nothing really impressed me until I found ZOUTONS.COM.
Website Layout and Design:

A very simple and easy to browse website. No jazzy flashy look that confuse you but a pleasing look that will make your eyes not to strain or push you to take some specific steps. I am also impressed with the point that there are no pop ups, or compulsory logins, entering mail ids or all those irritating things. Very simple design, easy to navigate, clean fonts and subtle pictures make it all the more comfortable to browse. 
How to chose a deal or a coupon code:
There are more than 100 top stores and more than 125 top brands available on Zoutons which makes it all the more interesting as I can see almost every brand I know available here. Getting the coupon is is a very simple. Click the brand name or store name in search box and you get in a fraction of a second as the website speed is very fast and impressive. If you are not looking for a particular all you have to do is select a category and zoutons will shows you deals and offers brand wise. If you are still not looking for any brand or category and just visited for deals without any plan or agenda, you get the popular deals and brands on home page. This is the best part as it is for people like me who just browse through the sites for shopping without anything in mind.
For now I am looking for some fashion clothing and deals and coupons at Myntra looks exciting. Here is the link for Myntra coupon code:
Deal and Coupon Code Testing:
If you think Zouton displays offers and forgets about, then you are wrong. Regular testing of coupon codes and deals are being done by the team to delete all expired deals and update new ones. Check here.
Deals and Coupon Codes from Banks:
I haven’t seen any other site that gives such an attention to bank deals and coupon codes other than Zoutons. Giving equal importance and placing bank deals along with top brands, top stores indeed is a great idea. 
Super impressed with, here I go to buy some clothing and toys for my baby. 
Please do visit, try once and I am sure you will not be disappointed. 

What am I up to?

April was mom and dad’s anniversary month and we were all going out big time. I always had thought they were more at home as I was small and might stay so for another year. This month, we were zipping all around the city, going back to mom’s favorite places, eateries and shopping. I like a good girl am observing everything and noting down what to buy and where.

I also did my first shopping for a shampoo that is as big as me 🙂 Dad and mom don’t specially prefer Pantene but because it is the first product I picked up off the shelf completely, dad got it and my-o-my how big that is! We are going to smell like Pantene for quite sometime 🙂 What have you been up to lately? 

Weekend trip to Meenakshi mall

Summer is here and we had been to Royal Meenakshi mall and had a lot of fun shopping. Oh! Did I tell you dad didn’t come? Only mom, her best friends (Sudha aunty and Padmaja aunty) and me went to shop.

We went around all the shops and mom was trying to buy me some nice cool looking summer wear. The selection process was simple. The dress needs to be of good fabric, sweat absorbing and no nonsense labels, threads and unnecessary harsh finishes on the inside. Though these conditions sound simple, mom has a tougher selection process than a computer and we could finally buy some 5 sets. I helped mom with the color selection and fashion tips 🙂 Yep, these should be enough for now.

Long time mom had gone shopping alone as dad is always there helping us and couldn’t join us today as he had gone out on work. We enjoyed the trip and I was a good girl and took care of mom 🙂 I also bought a train set and some beach toys. We are planning a beach trip soon. Will tell you the plan soon.

Shopping Shopping

Winter is in and we were out for shopping this evening.
Mom and Dad bought me winter wear.
How many? Cho many… Cho many means 20 dresses.
Ask me “Colours, Colours what colours”?

Mint and Blue
Yellow and Red  

Green and Brown
Orange and White

Some plain, some stripes and some flowery,
Some sober , some flashy aaaaand I’m lucky !
Are you all ready for winter? I am ready.