Shhhhhh…I’m hiding!

Mom doesn’t want me to watch TV. I am hiding in the basket and watching ads secretly.
Shhhhh…. Don’t tell mommy that I am here. Okay?


Dad’s Birthday

It was Dad’s Birthday yesterday and we had loads of fun.

At 11:30pm on August 30th mom was sad because I was sleeping. She wanted me to wish dad and be there with dad during cake cutting at 12 in the night but I slept early.
Dad said he will cut the cake in the morning when I am awake. Mom was sad.

I slept till 11:58 pm ( I was actually acting Shhh… secret )
I got up at 11:58 and mom was very happy. I cut the cake along with dad and then came the surprise part. I gave him a special and surprise gift. It was completely  a surprise for dad which me and mom planned and he loved it very much.

Yes, that’s a surprise for you as well… I will let you know very soon what gift did I present dad that night 🙂