You all know the colors in the rainbow. I love the song that has the colors in the reverse. Starts with Red and goes on till violet. I am sure you will love it too. Here is the song let me know what you think!



One little finger

One little finger is my new favorite rhyme. I love the kid who stars in the rhyme and imitate him. Singing this to me brings in so many giggles and squeals of laughter and you will love it. Want to try this for your kids? Here is the video.

How many? Count with me!

Here is another beautiful simple song to help you learn counting. I love it as they show animals, shapes and pictures and teach counting. I like the music too. Don’t you love it when you see a good theme based song?

Day-O The Banana Song

Mum found this beautiful song for me and I love it. It is a simple song with some nice actions and I imitate them comfortably. I love to see the way the they enjoy the music, rhyme and the words. I am sure you will like it too. Share some of the rhymes your child likes with me too.

Rainbow Rainbow

My new love is for the rainbow song. I don’t get tired at all watching this song. I even wave the lady good bye and then ask dad to play it again for me. I simply love the colors and the pink dressed lady 🙂

Heads shoulders knees and toes

I love this song since childhood. Not because of the akkas and annas in this video but because of the antiques mom does when she sings it for me. Mom works out with me touching my head, shoulders… and so on and I join her pointing her nose and eyes and so on. She laughs and enjoys more than me. I love this rhyme and thought you would love it too.

Do share with your kids and enjoy. Also share some rhymes you think I would love to watch.

Life is but a dream

Life is but a dream. I love this song. Mom found this for me when searching for the new rhymes and I initially didn’t like it. The sing was too slow. I like fast music you know but this slowly grew on me. I guess the lyrics sum it all up. Life is but a dream. So be gentle and keep rowing.

Here is the link for your to learn 🙂 Good nite!