Ramp ready Little Tigress :)

My Name is AAJ and I am 4 months old. I am probably the youngest blogger on this forum. This is my blog and I tell you what I feel and what I do.

I was born with awesome hair(that’s what dad tells me) and the cutest smile possible. Now that I am four months old, my hair is growing too fast, soft and awesome. Dad loves kissing me and mom has tried all the possible hair styles for my hair. With clips, bands, holders and even small pretty plaits. As I am too dextrous with my hands and love pulling my hair so often, they have the fear that I will swallow some of the dressing aids and hence they do not decorate my hair and let it flow.

Now that none of my photos have been released to public, I cannot load full pictures, but here are some random shots done for TRESemmé youtube channel IndiBlogger competition.

I am too young to try Tresemme shampoos but I am told they are good. I should try them once I graduate from baby shampoo and then I will load up more pictures on how my hair looks when washed with Tresemme.

I also want to get the waves, smooth and shine which will bounce for hours. I think I will look for the ingredients and how the shampoo and conditioner at TRESemme will help my hair be natural. I am told they are good.

Why don’t you start something for kids like me TRESemme? Isn’t my hair looking Awesome?

  Twisted Sidebun
 Messy Updo
 Rough; don’t mess with me spikes
I am a good girl look
My school girl plaits

Which ones did you like better?

Submitted as part of TRESemmé India Youtube channel.