Rain rain don’t go away!


I love rains. I love the drop go plop plop plop, pit pot, tip tap, plop again. We as a family love the rains. Mom enjoys her tea in the rain, I love getting wet, running around, playing with rain drops, dad loves being with us ensuring I get hot water bath later and try to get me inhale some steam and so on. We even have redone the rain rain rhyme. Want to see what that is?

Rain rain don’t go away
Come again everyday
Little Tigress wants to play!

So whenever it rains, we run tot he balconies, windows and watch the beautiful nature unfold its power and water pour down from the skies over everything, drenching them, cleansing them and refreshing them. I love rainbows too. We go chasing them when we see them. Do you know there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and lots of presents too?

Rains little tigress.JPG

What do you like to do in rains? I love ice cream, hot fries and the music of nature. Mom says if I go out get drenched in rain and get sick or catch cold, it is good because I am building up resistance and my body will adjust to the weather easily. Dad says just go have fun and come back. He has to carry me on his shoulder all night when I fall sick 🙂

Do you let your children have fun in the rain? Let me know.



C is for catch

We Caught the rain today! Quite literally. Dad and me set out to go for our loan pending walk in the neighbourhood and it was quite warm. In fact so warm that I was wearing jeans. As we proceeded on our dialysis ritual to inspect our spots in the street and reach our milk vendor’s shop, plop it came down. A big rain drop.

I love rains and love playing with mom in them and get wet. Unlike many parents mine let me get wet 🙂 So plop it came down and dad looked slightly worried as we were quite far from home and were planning to go to a mall for some window shopping and juice for me. Still we went ahead and were waiting for auto when it started to blow really strong and power went off. The leaves from all the trees started playing with the wind and little tiny drops of rain started splattering on me and all around. This was a new experience and I started playing. So we cancelled the trip and started playing in the drops. We also started walking back home and traced our steps back just in time when it started to pour. I went to the balcony and still played for a long time. Did you catch the rain today? Simple things help you learn and appreciate what we usually take for granted 🙂

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In the rain.

Whoa! Whoa! now I know why mom loves rain. All these days mom and dad have shown me rains from distance. Today at around 6:30 pm mom took me for a walk outside my apartment and while coming back just in  no time it started raining. Mom had nothing to cover me except her dupatta and few raindrops touched me.Just before we could enter our house mom let me feel the drizzle for few seconds and I just loved it. If it was dad with me, he would have allowed me to drench a little more. I want to grow up very fast and play in the rain 🙂