Play time with dad

Yaaaaaay! I am in my favorite place with dad. I love coming here as it has so many toys and jumping bouncing toys for me to play. I am really fond of the slide here with the LED lights. I also like the Aunty who guards the security here likes me and wishes me when I go in or come out.

Mom gets enough time to go shop and relax without worrying about me. It is a luxury you know to be on her own. I am sometimes worried about her safety and really want to be with her when she goes out on her own as she has never been alone. Dad says mom will learn to take care of her own. Where do you go to play?

My time with the Lord

A page from mamma’s diary

Wee hours of the night. 
Dim light. 
All set to sleep. 
No words, no signs and no lullabies.
Just Silence.
Enjoying her me-time cuddling mom.

Why should she giggle and laugh out loud all of a sudden?
Look at me, give that heartful and the cutest laugh again?
Turnaround, come back and hug me while still laughing?
Oh! yes, she was laughing not smiling.

I might laugh if some joke peeps in my mind.
But what can an year old think and laugh at?

My mind hasn’t stopped thinking about what happened last night.
Was she playing with Angels? Was she sharing a joke with God?

Still puzzled, all I can say is GOD! YOU ARE AMAZING.

Shadow Show

I love playing with shadows. Mom makes me sit closer to the wall and makes different shapes like birds, animals, vehicles and abstracts. I giggle and love to reach them and when mom accompanies them with songs I am loving it. I make my own shapes too 🙂

Do you play this game with your parents?

Image is from here.


The wheels on my shopping cart go round and round.. all through the mall

That was me at Total mall when went to buy some toys on Sep 1.
It was ‘the wheels on the bus’ rhyme playing on the screen and how can I resist watching my favorite rhyme? So, kept my shopping on hold for a while to enjoy this.


My best friends visit

My best friend Punitha aunty is home after many months and am busy playing with her.

She was my first friend. She is my friend from my ‘womb’ days. I heard her voice more than any others’. She took care of me very well. When dad was out of country and mom couldn’t go any where it was Punitha aunty who helped mom and me. What ever I craved for she got me :).

I used to speak to her  from mommy’s tummy. She was there with mom and dad on my day of arrival to welcome me. Other than Dad and Ammamma she was the first one to hold me and kiss me ( of course after my doctor aunty Dr. Shantala).

I love Punitha aunty. She got married and went to a place far from our home. She can’t visit me often but I still remember her and her voice. I couldn’t attend her wedding and meet Bharath uncle because I was too young to travel then.

By the way, forgot to mention Punitha aunty was my mom’s room mate at PGH who turned to be her best friend.

Ok, will tell more some other time again, let me play more with her now. Bye bye…