Thank God for balloons

Thank God for balloons. I recently discovered them and fell in love with them. Mom has got me so many colors and I get one every day. They are so soft, round and fun to play with. I just love chasing them, hitting them, kicking them and bouncing them. It is these simple things that keep me busy. 

Dad is already worried that I have just one more year left before being pushed into the dead tiring system of routine classwork and studies. Hopefully I would enjoy that too. Okay, time to go and play. Just for fun, buy a balloon and play with it. No, not for your child. For you. 


My first Barbie Doll

Look what I found while exploring my cup board.


Mom hid it from me for last 8 months as she wanted me to play with it when I grow up a little. This has been presented by Sudha aunty on my birthday. I found it interesting as I have no such dolls. I liked it’s hair. I am playing with Barbie now.

Dad feels Barbie, as a toy, doesn’t give a real picture of a woman but mom feels I should play and then learn on my own. Mom won 🙂