Kiddish behaviour

You all know that kids have to be like kids all the time. So you cannot expect me to behave like an adult, with controlled emotions, not playing tantrums, being calm, silent, well behaved. I mean I can do that for sometime as I am learning but I cannot do that all the time. Childhood is about being a child and fun. So next time you find yourself chiding a child for being a child, watch out!
the little tigress Eating off the floor
Childhood should be about fun. Actually even being an adult should be about having fun. The definition of fun might vary but the idea shouldn’t. While you can teach me to behave in what is an acceptable behavior or living skills, I like to be on my own and have fun sometime. Mom lets me draw and paint as I want most of the times while she teaches me to paint in a particular way too.

When I spill milk, food, colors on the floor, my parents don’t rush to chide me and spank me but tell me it is wrong and then allow me to play and have fun too. Many times dad joined me when playing with spilled water, food and all this is a part of growing me. So let your children behave like a child too 🙂


Messi play time

So how do you play? Clean, neat and nice? Well that is tough when you are small and I have always been encouraged to play freestyle and the mess actually is clean. I move from one toy to another and then another and another and mom has a lot of work to do when she picks them up after me. Now I am too small to pick my own toys but mom doesn’t complain. Once in a while dad chips in too. I play with everything that comes around and I can get my hands on. If you don’t find something then it must be in my toys. 

Dad says it helps increase my ability to decipher what things are and helps me grow my creativity when I am indoors. While I broke his watches, phones and many other delicate items, mom encourages me to explore and play. So this is what it looks when I am just warming up. So here is to playing messy and growing up. Have a great day!


Play time with dad

Yaaaaaay! I am in my favorite place with dad. I love coming here as it has so many toys and jumping bouncing toys for me to play. I am really fond of the slide here with the LED lights. I also like the Aunty who guards the security here likes me and wishes me when I go in or come out.

Mom gets enough time to go shop and relax without worrying about me. It is a luxury you know to be on her own. I am sometimes worried about her safety and really want to be with her when she goes out on her own as she has never been alone. Dad says mom will learn to take care of her own. Where do you go to play?

Let’s start play

Everyday morning dad cleans up my living room and sets my toys up in a stack before the maid comes for cleaning. I leave my toys all over the place before retiring to bed early morning. Sometimes I wake up again to play. Dad’s morning routine has changed after instated walking playing and throwing things around. He likes doing it. Mom relaxes in the morning as she has to mind me all day and run behind me. Dad is slightly more handsfree type and let’s me explore more comfortably.

Here is a rare shot of my room clean and all set to start playing for the day. I don’t get tired easily and am really good at keeping myself busy. Dad makes breakfast (easy ones), gives me snacks and milk, tea and gets ready and once mom is up we both bid him good bye and return to play again.

How do you start your day?

Play time @ 3AM

See how many toys I have? Or do you see how much havoc I can create in the living room? I love spreading all things around the hall and going around playing with all of them till I get tired. I like the small sized toys which fit in my hand and I like playing with boxes, baskets, steel items and anything that goes in my path.

This pic is taken at 3 AM and dad was watching over while mom was resting. And mom wakes up and plays with me till dad goes to work. I am a handful and am too busy all the time, especially at the night 🙂

Kicking cold, the Tigress way

I am down with cold for the last two days and am running high fever. That doesn’t mean I am moaning or nagging mommy and daddy to care for me. I am a grown up girl and have amazing patience and perseverance in handling problems. Dad says he is proud of me and mom says I am very brave and strong.

Now you know that mom and dad don’t medicate me often and let the illness stay and let my body fight on its own. As my fever didn’t come down in two days dad decided to give me some 1 ml of Calpol to bring the temperature down and some T-minic to stop the nose irritation. With some nice oil massage and hot water bath my fever was brought under control. I was too weak to play or go running around which I love to do.

Nanamma called and prayed for me and applied oil and I am fine by God’s grace.

When dad used to come down with fever nanamma used to give him mutton stock or hot chicken soup and dad tried that on me when I was about eight months old and it worked! Since then you know what my favourite medicine is!

Some hot mutton stock mom prepared along with some hugging and keeping me warm brought me right back up. I am back to playing with ally toys which I missed in the last two days and as dad types this for me I am playing and singing rhymes with mom.

Thank you all for your love, affection and prayers. Peace and the Lord’s blessing be with you and your family.

Busy Basket

I am so active that you got to look at me to believe. I am very agile, mobile and explorative. I don’t leave any nook and corner of the house and finally come to mom for a refill of toys. So once I finish playing with all my toys, I feel bored. To keep me from getting bored, mom designs a busy basket every day for me. The busy basket has many surprises in store. Each of these is carefully crafted by mom and is a mixture of things for me to hold, touch, smell, taste and explore. Sometimes the basket has all vegetables, toys and combinations, sometimes it is the turn of colorful papers, bits, clothes and toys. 

With the busy basket, mom can monitor and see hat I am doing and how I am I responding to several colors, shapes and sizes and help me explore, learn and see for myself. I love the busy basket idea and look forward to it everyday. Mom shared the idea on a social networking forum and she got amazing response from kids there too. Why don’t you try for your toddlers the same?

Did I tell you my mumma is so creative and all that came from me when I was in her tummy 😀

Play time

Play, play, play!
This is what I do all through the day!
How do you let your children play? Free play or a structured play?
I get both but mostly free play. Mom and Dad believe that it brings out creativity.
There are some structured plays like dropping  the balls / shapes in the box, playing a key board etc., which I enjoy too.