Riding the pillow

As you know, I am really busy these days playing with my toys, arranging cubes, circles, triangles and watching rhymes, practicing music. But I have learnt one more trick – Kicking the pillow.

I can pick up a pillow with both my hands and send it flying with my feet. One good shot and viola there it goes! It is fun. Now mom and dad cannot control me with walls of pillows. I can find my way out.

Dad tells me it is good that I am doing that – I mean kicking pillows. And says I will be a good wrestler/fighter and in life I should always look at hitting out at my obstacles and win. Once a fighter, always a fighter. I have to grow, get strong and win. But all that is later. As of now let me kick another pillow.

Stay happy and bright. Keep smiling. Love and peace.


Ouch! I am hurt…

For the first time ever this evening at around 4:30 I fell down and hit the back of my head on floor.

I was siting and playing with some stacks and wanted to lean on pillows my mom usually keep. They weren’t there and I hit my head badly. Mom and Dad were shocked and their hearts skipped a beat. Mom came running from kitchen and dad immediately held me in his arms.  I cried for few seconds but cheered up when mom sang itsy bitsy spider. Dad took me out for a walk to make me feel relaxed. I love them so much.  

Please tell them that it’s quite normal to fall while learning to crawl and walk. Parenting is a tough job I guess. Tell me about the first time you fell.