Honey bee sting


I found a honey bee today flying in the bedroom. I love playing with bee toys from the Bee movie and I picked it up to have a closer look. The little fella was scared and stung me on my thumb! I should have been careful but this is my first experience with bees and I threw him right away and started screaming. Mom came running and saw my state and saw the bee. Dad rushed and found the sting and took it out without squeezing and then started the frantic side of all. Mom panicking, dad rushing with ice to rub on it all this while I was singing out loud (take that as screaming at the top of my voice with tears rolling from my eyes and sending everything berserk).

Finally, mom came up with this idea of rubbing a fresh cut onion juice on the wound and it really helped relieve the pain as it was cold and wet and works as a local anesthetic and ice helped too. Dad didn’t panic (He did. BIG time). I calmed down and slept off after some time. Mom and dad were watching out for any change in breathing pattern,, or swelling or allergies and luckily I didn’t have any. More than anything else, hugs, love, and kisses from mom and dad helped and I am a happy kid as always 🙂

Lesson learnt, next time don’t touch the bee and see from far! If you get stung, remove the sting, wash with water, use ice, onion juice and Calosoft to relieve pain and if you see any allergies, rush to ER.

Pic is from here.


Zuko & Maya


Did I tell you that I have a good going with animals and pets? Well I have to tell you about my best friends in the canine world yet and they are Zuko and Maya. Zuko is almost as old as me and Maya has just celebrated her first birthday. I often go there to play with them.

Zuko is well trained and is a good boy and plays fetch and catch with me. I run around him and pull his tail and fight with him and he is okay with that. Here is a latest pic of me playing with them. Zuko is holding the ball and teasing.


I am asking dad to get me one but mum is afraid of dogs. Secretly dad and me have decided to get one soon. I will let you guys know. What should I name a pup when I get to?




You know I am good with animals? My name is Tigress right? Well all kids are good with animals as they have an open mind and are clean in their thoughts and expectations. I love pigeons and playing with them all the while at the park is one of my favorite things. They all run away when I chase them and come back to settle and again I chase them 🙂

the little tigress pets.JPG
This one ventured into my house at and didn’t go out easily. Grandpa and mom were cautious that it might harm me but I jumped right in and played with it gently. She had water and was so scared. We let her relax and after sometime when she was calmed down and ready to fly away we let her go away.

Every time I go to park I look for dogs, birds and other pets to play and dad has promised me to get a pup but mom is scared and we will have to wait till she gets convinced. Next time I will share about my another friend Zuko who is a German shepherd. Dad when will I get my own pet? Mom.. please….