Night out

I slept all through the day today and was very fresh and energetic at night. I ragged mom for a long time. Then she finally gave up and fought her sleep. We played till 4 am and that’s when Dad got up and played with me will 5.30 am. It is fun. I think I like nights more or may be because I love seeing dad and mom home at the same time.

Dad and mom sing songs for me, play games. You already know my favorite is peek-a-boo and I tap talam when they sing for me. Mom thinks I will be a musician and dad thinks I should be whatever I want to be. Well it is going to be tough but I think I will get along well. But as of now, I got to kick dad out of his sleep 🙂 and I have to do that without making noise as Mom is still sleeping.



It’s 1:30 am and am playing ‘Peek-a-boo’ with mom.
It’s the first time and am having loads of fun.