Orange it is! Still.

Do you remember what I said about the colour orange some time back? 
No? let me route you to the post:
Even after months, orange is still my favourite colour.
I got this balloon at my friend Dia’s 2nd birthday party.


Shopping Shopping

Winter is in and we were out for shopping this evening.
Mom and Dad bought me winter wear.
How many? Cho many… Cho many means 20 dresses.
Ask me “Colours, Colours what colours”?

Mint and Blue
Yellow and Red  

Green and Brown
Orange and White

Some plain, some stripes and some flowery,
Some sober , some flashy aaaaand I’m lucky !
Are you all ready for winter? I am ready.


I never took any medicine in last five months except once six drops of calpol for fever. Colicaid was the only medicine I took for the first three months when suffered a lot with colic. My Doctor uncle Dr.Bharath hardly recommends any medicine. He says I need to build immunity on my own and not depend on medicine for it. Dad and Mom too agree with his statement.

I was suffering from cold and runny nose for more than 10 days. Even after trying many sessions of steam I still had to fight with it hard. Mom couldn’t resist calling doctor and asking for medicine.

T-minic was finally prescribed by Doctor uncle. T-minic oral drops were so tasty with orange flavor. I wanted it in a glass but mom gave me just 8 drops with a dropper. I snatched the dropper from mom and had it till the last drop :). Just 8 drops two times and I am now back to normal 🙂

What do you use for your baby for runny nose? Aunty and Uncle, Mom is saying not to use any medicine without doctor’s advise.