F for fireworks

Guess what happened when we went up to terrace last night?! Fireworks. Someone in the neighbourhood was celebrating something and thy decided to send out some nice fireworks to the night sky. The dark clouds that shrouded the evening sky in Bangalore only helped them glow in full bloom. This picture doesn’t do any justice to the times of purple, red, yellow and orange that I saw and what a delight it was. I was amazed at the colourful display that unfolded unexpectedly in front of my eyes.

Dad tells me that some of the fireworks are dangerous and need to be handled by parental supervision only. I agree. Do you like fireworks? Which one is your favourite? Dad promised me we will buy some next time they are available and celebrate. I think he means when I grow up?! Dad bhi na!

#TheLittleTigress #AtoZChallenge


Missing Mum

I miss you dad and mum. I miss spending time with both of you. I love the time I am spending with akka, peddamma and ammamma but I really miss you. I know you love me and this separation is just tempararoy and you would come back to me but this is just unbearable. How do I express it to you? How do I share my feelings with you? I love this new friend I have but I don’t think I like the fact I am being separated. Mum, I love the warmth when you hug me and love me and hold me close to you. Why this pillow? Why is this between us? The biggest plus point of all this is that dad spends time with me – complete unconditional time with me. I hit him, bite him, kick him, climb on him and harass him but he is patient and loves me and cazoles me. We read stories, sing songs, play, chase each other around. I then drink milk, eat snacks and get back to playing as long as I have the energy to play and then go to sleep as the sun is coming up. Dad then slowly picks me up and walks humming songs to me. As I hold his chain or collar lest he leaves me and he puts me on the bed to rest. 

Mum I know you miss me too and that you love me big time. Don’t worry mum, I am a big girl now. Dad, though he can never replace you (or can he?), is taking food care of me. I have some complaints though which I will tell you once we sit down to talk without him. Rest well mum and get back to your feet. Dad said you are a fighter and have fought and won a major battle. I am there to support you and hold you for comfort if you need me. I am just a call away. Till then take care of your health and rest. I need all the love I missed with interest back from you. Now back to kicking dad. By the way, we went to the morning walk today and it was awesome. I didn’t walk for long though and made dad carry me all the while. We saw parrots today. They were so green and had red noses. I loved it. Mum… I love you soooo much. But I think I love dad a tad bit more 😛

Early riser

You know I like playing a lot. I mean literally a lot! What you might not know is that I am now following US timings for the playing. Obviously as the Independence Day approaches, dad is worried as mom is tired and I am just excited!

What makes me stay up so late and yet be giggling and playing so early is a mystery to dad and mom. It is not so for me. I don’t want to waste time thinking. Let me get back to my play. Good morning folks. Have a great day. I am already having one.

Celebrating the Fourth of July!