Nandu ( Nandini Priya ) is my friend.

Mom told me that last Saturday Nandu fell down while trying to stand up. She hurt her head badly that she had to rush to hospital.A couple of stitches were done on the cut.
Mom likes Nandu because she is just 4 days younger to me and Durga aunty is mom’s best friend.
They speak to each other everyday and discuss about us. What we ate… what not… what are we playing and much more.

I met Nandu when we were minus four months old :). We spoke to each other through telepathy 🙂
She is Sweet. Yesterday, I spoke to her again through telepathy and wished her a speedy recovery . She says she is absolutely fine but her parents are still worried. She is back to her trials of standing up.
See, we are coool… why are parents always worried for everything? I know the answer too 🙂 Because they love us very much and we mean a world to them.