Now how do I tell about her? She was the single most important person in my dad’s life and he was for her till I came in to this world. Now I am the single most important person for both of them. Dad named me after her and calls me dearly addressing her name. She loves me so much and sends me dishes that I love and makes special peanut powder for me. Her fish curry is legendary and is the best fish curry in the world. When she comes to meet me she brings me toys, dresses, gifts, lot many kisses and loads of love.

Nanamma is my dearest paternal grand mother and loves me more than my dad and mom put together. SHe prays for me and ensures I am protected and worries about me all the time. I am the first girl child in her close relations and because dad is so close to her she loves me even more. She calls me Chinnitalli and chats with me on phone all the time. I tell her so many things which she understands and she can chide dad if he doesn’t listen to me 🙂 It’s like she is dad’s super boss!

Nanamma the little tigress

Last week when she was here she took me out for lunch and we went in a train to play and she got me so many stars, fryums, ice cream and juice. She listed to all my stories, took me for a walk and spent so much time with me. When she was leaving she prayed for me to be healthy, wealthy and useful for the Lord. I will be so some day. Thank you nanamma. You are the best and I love you sooooo much.



World’s best fish curry

Nanamma and tatayya(Granny and granpa) have come to see me after a long time. Did I tell you that I am named after her? She is an amazing cook and she used to send amazing food snacks to mom for me. I was in tummy so all mom eat I yanjayaeeed!

Nanamma makes the world’s best fish curry. Hands down. She loves to make it spicy like dad likes it but now tones it down to match my palate. I loved the fish and relished it. We played a lot of games and had loads of fun. I will tell you more details soon.

What is your favorite food item?

Kicking fever

Woke up restless with high temperature today. Mom is shocked, dad is worried. But you know what I am cool. I sang them nice songs and fought with dad to ease the tension off.

Dad complains that I scratch, kick and maul him a lot. But you know I am just warming up and he loves it 🙂 Dad prayed for me and told nanamma to pray too.

I am hoping I will get well by evening. Pray for me. Love you all. Now back to kicking dad 🙂 Yeeeeeeyyy dishkaunnnnn…..

Bangles time

Time to get some gold bangles for me. Nanamma is buying awesome ones for me. I am getting bangles, anklets and a lot of cool stuff from Nanamma. Dad wanted to buy a long time back but he wanted that to come from Nanamma’s gold reserves! And lo! I am getting from there.

Dad tells me he will buy me several sets of those and I wanted to know if you know a place in Bangalore where I can get good designs, simple yet awesome ones, which are kid-friendly?

Wait till I put them up to show here 🙂


Nanamma loves me. Did I tell you how much? Immeasurably hugely tremendously lots! She misses me a lot and I miss her too. After all we are two people in dad’s life with the same name, caring and attention!

Today I spoke to nanamma and told her all my stories, what i did the whole day and how much I enjoyed playing with dad. She understood my coos and keees 🙂