I am pampered and am well taken care of, who isn’t when they are small and cute like me. Mom and dad take care still mosquitoes come in when we open doors. Because mom is against having any vaporizer at home for fighting them she goes on to be a batman at home killing the mosquitoes before we go to bed.


She also nicknamed them mosqui (pronounced as Mosquee) and I love it when she chases them around then house with the bat. When I find a mosquito I scream mosqui and mom charges on to hit it out of the park. Suii.. tap tap tap tap suii.. and they are roasted 🙂

There are some good solutions like using eucalyptus oil when you mop the floor, neem oil, aloevera based creams but the best solution is a net on the cot or having a bat to chase them out. Keeping the windows and doors closed when mosquitoes usually come in also helps.

The post is not about how to do keep them away but what happens when I am bit by one. Dad applies vicks around it and holds me while I adjust from my startled sleep and doze off again. Applying vicks actually helps in reducing the itchiness as well as controlling the spread of poison. You can also use it for many other things like insect bites, rashes, cuts and wounds. Apply lightly around the wound so it helps reduce the pain.



Awesome story time

I have so many toys. Mum has even ordered some before I was born. These pin up toys that can be used on your fingers and can be moved are my latest fad. Mom makes them speak! Yes they do!

Using props in your story will help the child realize and be more involved than what you would be doing otherwise. Sometimes it need not be a prop at all. It can be a small piece of cloth or a sock or a handkerchief that turns into a hero to rescue!

I love spending time listening to stories with my mum. What about you? What toys do you like? Which story is your favorite?

This blogpost is a part of #AtoZChallenge.

Day-O The Banana Song

Mum found this beautiful song for me and I love it. It is a simple song with some nice actions and I imitate them comfortably. I love to see the way the they enjoy the music, rhyme and the words. I am sure you will like it too. Share some of the rhymes your child likes with me too.

Busy Basket

I am so active that you got to look at me to believe. I am very agile, mobile and explorative. I don’t leave any nook and corner of the house and finally come to mom for a refill of toys. So once I finish playing with all my toys, I feel bored. To keep me from getting bored, mom designs a busy basket every day for me. The busy basket has many surprises in store. Each of these is carefully crafted by mom and is a mixture of things for me to hold, touch, smell, taste and explore. Sometimes the basket has all vegetables, toys and combinations, sometimes it is the turn of colorful papers, bits, clothes and toys. 

With the busy basket, mom can monitor and see hat I am doing and how I am I responding to several colors, shapes and sizes and help me explore, learn and see for myself. I love the busy basket idea and look forward to it everyday. Mom shared the idea on a social networking forum and she got amazing response from kids there too. Why don’t you try for your toddlers the same?

Did I tell you my mumma is so creative and all that came from me when I was in her tummy 😀