Badge on the shoulder

Every morning, when dad gets ready to scoot to work, I demand to b picked up, hug him and let him kiss me. When letting go, I make sure he carries a badge of honor, of my, of my love by wiping my nose on his black tee shoulder 🙂

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J for Juice Box


It is summer time and mom is all prepped up for feeding me different things. Now that it is very hot out there she has an arsenal of juice boxes. Most of the times she makes fresh juice by squeezing the lemons, oranges, watermelon, cucumber, sweet-lime, pineapple and whatever she can get her hands on. I choose to drink what I like. So mom tricks me with the juice box and gives me the freshly made ones. We love some of the organic juice combos too.


Mom can make amazing soups too and make dishes that make me finish them with a jig. After all she is my mom and got my creative genes 🙂

This summer keep yourself hydrated and have a lot of natural juices from the fruits that grow near you. Nothing is more nutritious than the natural fruits in their season. Now I am back to have my Mango juice. See ya.



Sleep time

It is 3 AM. I am restless. I think it is too hot. Dad is resting next to me. Mom is hidden in the blanket as she feels cold. Dad and me are alike in many ways. We both want the fan to be in full speed all the time. Not that it is too hot, I am moving around and woke up dad. Mom had a long day and is trying to catch up on sleep. So dad takes me on his shoulders and brings me to the living room. This is our routine everyday. I sleep on his shoulder while he stroll in the hall instead of the bed humming some lullaby. I love to fall asleep on his shoulders. 

Mom tells him he is pampering me and it is difficult for her to do the same after a tiring day as I am used to sleep on his shoulders. I think she is right. Both of them pamper me 🙂 

Ain’t it a blessing to have loving parents? Thank you Lord for mum and dad.

Babycino @ Gloria Jeans

Mumma wanted to go to HSR layout and we headed on this hot and humid Friday evening towards the colony. The streets were sans traffic and it was a smooth drive and we reached Gloria Jeans cafe. Now this was a crowded place and we had to wait for sometime to find some seats inside. Mom had to go out for a call and dad and me tried to make the best of the poorly air-conditioned place.

Though dad didn’t like the place as it had many mosquitoes and complete lack of music, we loved the Babycino which was served free of charge for kids under the age of five and had these yummy ingredients – Chocolate and pure milk heated to a mild temperature. I loved the texture and taste but had only a few sips and tried to grab dad’s cold coffee and gave some really cute smiles to the young ladies at the neighbouring table who started to wave and smile at me.

But for the mosquitoes, hot and noisy interiors, Gloria would be a better place. So here is to my first coffee!

Tumbling Tresses

Dad tells me I have wonderful hair. As dad puts it, I have the most beautiful hair in the whole world. Now nanamma has amazing hair, so does mom and now me. Now I have long hair that makes my face look so cute that can make you jealous.

Now when the tresses fall on my face, I push them off gently. Now mom and dad love it when I push them off softly as a part of my games but when I am seriously concentrating and they come in between, I try to blow them away 🙂 See I am learning fast. Dad and mom are planning for a cut very soon and I am getting ready too. So where should I get a good hair cut in Bangalore?

I am a little painter

Every kid starts scribbling as soon as they learn to master their motor skills and it is a wonderful journey. Three days ago, dad finally got me some crayons that mom had been asking and I just loved them.

I think there is an artist in me and that artist is already being love by you all. You know I love you all too? Coming back to my drawing skills, I am already a great straight line drawing expert and a scribbler. Mom and dad discovered I am all set to repaint our home and dad has to pay them to paint when we move out but we are just having fun. I love the attention and dad is continuously clicking pictures and shooting videos and telling me I am a great artist and a good girl. What more motivation do you need when your mom hugs you when you scribble on her bag, furniture and dresses?

Encourage my friends to do the same. Uncles and aunties, let your kid paint, scribble and have as much fun as possible as dad tells me it increases the creativity and pure joy is priceless.

Finally before bidding good night here is the video dad wanted to share with you all. How do you like my new hair cut?

Good night.

My mommy dearest

For the past few days the flat next door is being renovated and they keep drilling, breaking and building something and it is really irritating and too loud. Dad and mom have gone several times requesting them to announce at least a day earlier so they can take me out. I am really disturbed by the noise and can’t sleep at all with such hard noise in my ears and the floors reverberating to the noise. Dad had even shouted at them once when it went beyond acceptable level.

Mom is the hero in this story and has all the patience to lull me to sleep and hold me close so I won’t get scared. I am grown up now but still am a little child. Mom treats me as if I am born just now. She is all protecting, loving and caring for me and spends all her 24 hours guarding me. All through this noise, mom was there next to me.

You know how playful I am and how naughty I can be. I woke up at 12 am last night and played on till 6 am and dad slept though the whole night 🙂 Mom and me had a girls night out. Oh yes, mom is a night person too and dad is like.. will tell you the next time.

So the drilling is almost done and we should be sleeping soundly from now on. More stories later. Now time to lull mommy to sleep 🙂 Love you mommy.