Experimenting with spices

Do you give spices to your kids? Dad does! Now that is a secret(we have to keep from mom).

I loved the hot and clear chicken soup which I tried when I was four months! I am super happy with fish, chicken, mutton , spicy vegetables fries and curries. Of course they are toned down for me but I love nibbling small bits before searching for water.

I am brave(dad say’s so) and I don’t cry at all and make a fuss when I taste something different. I love experimenting with spices. I am yet to grow up and have the McSpicy and other snacks at MCD or KFC but till then I will try and taste what Dad gives me when mom isn’t watching.

I guess I will be easy to cook for 🙂


Everybody loves Ronald

Heyyyyyy….I took my first picture with uncle Ronald Mc Donald.

Dad told me that uncle Ronald love kids a lot and every kid would love to take a picture with him.

Uncle Ronald invited me for lunch but I said sorry and promised him that I would visit again soon.

I am still small to eat and mom can’t eat ( wonder why? will let you know soon. Dad doesn’t like to eat alone).

I am waiting to go to MCD and have a burger meal. Heard they give toys there :).