Dad’s fav song

Dad has a special technique of putting me to sleep. When I am drowsy he holds me close and sings this old classical christian telugu song from Andhra Chraistava Keertanalu. I love the song. It is pretty long and by the time he completes the song I am sound alseep.

Nanamma used to sing this to him when he was a child.

You know I have a choir duty at HIS Majesty’s presence, don’t you?  🙂 All the little angels get to sing and praise him 🙂

Here is the song for you all…


Lullaby time

Mom is singing ” Hush little baby, don’t say a word ” for me now. She always says it’s  the stupidest song but still she sings. Don’t know why!She might be liking the tune.

For now, I am quietly slipping in to sleep…Good night all… zzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzzz