Being Hyderabadi!

So you know that I am in Hyderabad to visit my maternal grandfather who is ill and is recovering. Trip to Hyderabad is always good as I have lots of things to do and play. I can stay with Granny and play with her and go to the park behind my house. We have two balconies where I can go and play. One of the balconies overlooks the street. I play there a lot and spend time looking at people, bikes, cars and children going to school and so on.

The best part is tasting so many different kids of Hyderabadi biryani that mom orders when I don’t eat the regular stuff. I play till late night and sleep off with mom and get up early to play again. My sleeping pattern is changed by I love being here. Sometimes I miss dad. I wake up in the night and search for him and get teary and cry. Mom then holds me and kisses me and put me on call with dad. Sometimes she sings songs that dad used to sing for me to sleep. I miss dad a lot though I don’t say that often as I don’t want mom to worry. Dad comes in once every three weeks and plays with me.

When dad was here we went shopping, visited the zoo and took the train trip and many more. Mom tells me so many stories from here when we are in balcony. The best thing about being Hyderabadi is the number of pigeons here. I love chasing them all the while. 

Now that Swamy tata is getting well, we will go back to Bangalore soon. Mom and dad were in Hyderabad for several years and this trip was very helpful for mom too. Which place would you like to go and see?