Orange treatment

When I go to Sudha aunty’s place , I get Orange treatment 😉
She knows that I love the colour orange.
So is the orange bedsheet and some orange toys.
Out of all the cars she gave me I picked up my favourite orange car.
We had a nice time today But I missed going to playarea and play in sand as dad had to go elsewhere and we left her place early.
Did you observe an orange car in my hand?


Count down to 2.

Yipppeee!!!  I am a month away from my 2nd birthday. I am growing up. 
Mom started writing down plans for my birthday.
Don’t know what’s in it 🙂

Early riser

You know I like playing a lot. I mean literally a lot! What you might not know is that I am now following US timings for the playing. Obviously as the Independence Day approaches, dad is worried as mom is tired and I am just excited!

What makes me stay up so late and yet be giggling and playing so early is a mystery to dad and mom. It is not so for me. I don’t want to waste time thinking. Let me get back to my play. Good morning folks. Have a great day. I am already having one.

Celebrating the Fourth of July!

The girl in the RED shoes

I am famous for my red shoes in my neighborhood. I have many shoes but I love these as they are musical and play music when I walk.

I am growing up and they are turning tight. I am going to miss them. We are going to shopping this week to get more new shoes which  fit my feet.

I can reach

I can reach heights now :).

My favourite spot now is kitchen countertop and dining table

Mom is so scared and turned very cautious and not keeping any knives, spoons, forks and glass on them.

Dad is happy that kitchen is clean all the time 🙂