The little chef

Guess what I do when mom cooks. I cook too! With water spoons and the kadai, with some ingredients and toys in the nonstick tawa, I am a little chef. Dad says he will get me a kitchen when I grow up a little more. I have plastic ones already and enjoy playing with them when I am in the hall but these ones are the real ones which mom uses. I am equally engrossed in books, art, music and what not.

When I first started going to the kitchen mom and dad were really welcoming. Now that I have become quite active and move quickly around the room, mom has requested me to stay away as she is worried about the oil and hot dishes in the kitchen. I am obliging her for now and am leaving her to cook without my supervision. Hopefully dad likes the dishes. I told him that if something is not tasting well he cannot blame me as I am not helping mom.

What about your kids? Do they come and help you in the kitchen? Tell me about you little chefs.


Spilling, eating, playing

Are you strict with your child’s eating habits?
Do you fuss if they pick up something off the floor? Of course I am not talking about cleanliness.

It is funny how parenting can make you more patient. Dad and mom let me eat on my own sometimes and let me experiment things. Here I spilled a bowl of puffed rice and mom let me play and see how I pick things up and put them to my mouth. I love playing with things that are tiny and are in different shapes.  Do you see the paint brush in my hand and my friend buzz bee?

Try allowing your children to play and learn on their own. Ya. Keep the floor clean always. Send me some pictures of your kids eating, playing, spilling and learning on their own.