I for Icecream

Like all children, I love Ice cream too. My favorite is the chickoo one from Naturals and Ibaco. Though I don’t eat it off when it is cold, I mean ice cold, I eat it when it cools down. I love playing with the spoon and eating on my own. As my dress gets dirty mom allows me to eat it to my heart’s content and then lets me play. Once I am done and tired, I get to bath and change to a fresh dress.¬†

The mess I make is what makes me more interested in the ice cream than the taste of the ice cream it self. When I am let to play on my own, I learn how fluids work, stickies work and flexibility. Let your children play. Mess is easy to clean. Happiness is not so easy to get.

#TheLittleTigress #AtoZChallenge