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Messi play time

So how do you play? Clean, neat and nice? Well that is tough when you are small and I have always been encouraged to play freestyle and the mess actually is clean. I move from one toy to another and then another and another and mom has a lot of work to do when she picks them up after me. Now I am too small to pick my own toys but mom doesn’t complain. Once in a while dad chips in too. I play with everything that comes around and I can get my hands on. If you don’t find something then it must be in my toys. 

Dad says it helps increase my ability to decipher what things are and helps me grow my creativity when I am indoors. While I broke his watches, phones and many other delicate items, mom encourages me to explore and play. So this is what it looks when I am just warming up. So here is to playing messy and growing up. Have a great day!


Visiting Mr. Giraffe

Did you know that my favorite animal is the Giraffe? I had several toys of Giraffe and I always wanted to see one for real but didn’t get the opportunity. Now that we are in Hyderabad, Mom made sure we visited the Nehru Zoo and this was incredible experience for me as I enjoyed to the core. Though it was a hot day, we went in dad’s car and could get to see several animals and most importantly the Giraffe 🙂 

He was strolling joyfully in the park and was amazing to see. He is sooooooo tall and had a long with which he was eating leaves. Do you know how easy he can reach the tall trees and the leaves? We also saw lions, tigers, birds and many other interesting animals here. If you are in Hyderabad, you must visit this place.

He Drove All Night

I was running high fever. 103 F to be exact. I was not sick because of viral. I was sick because my heart longed to meet someone. Mom knew what was happening. She called him and put him on speaker and told me to speak to him. 

I couldn’t speak to him on the phone. I wanted to tell him all that is in my heart. How much I longed to see him, meet him, touch his face and hug him but the words weren’t easy. I was full of tears and my voice choked. I was too overwhelmed by emotion that just little wails escaped. Mom took the phone away hugged me and tried to console me. I was missing him big time and didn’t stay this long away from him. I cried myself to sleep and was dreaming that he was with me. Holding me. Consoling me and kissing me and telling me not to worry.

He couldn’t stay back. It was already late in the night and he just walked out of wherever he was and took the first thing he could. He wanted to drive but mom requested him not to. After traveling for 10 hours swapping buses, autos, taxis, walked and reached me. I was still in sleep when he came up, took bath and quickly changed to snuggle against me. I still had fever. 
He held me close and whispered how much he loved me and apologized for not being there. Next to me. He was there when I woke up. He was caressing me curls and gently kissing my forehead. He might not have driven all night but he was there next to me and hugging me. I woke up sweating and my fever had come down. Whole morning he was with me listening to everything I told and did all that I wanted to do. I don’t remember when the fever left me. I was up and running all over. My happiness and smile returned. I may be doing whatever I want all day and night. But when I sleep or am down or am sick, I miss him dearly. I may be my mom’s girl but I am my dad’s princess. My dad took this trip. He might not have driven all night but made it home to me. Just to wipe out my tears and make me smile.

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On a trip

I am going on a trip
In momma’s favorite ship
Zooming though the skies
Little Tigress

I am off to Hyderabad for a few days to my Grandpa’s home. So off blogging for a few days but will come back with a lot of stories from there.

Why Dabur Baby Massage oil is good for your child!

Let me tell you right at the outset. My mom and dad are slightly paranoid in terms of what they use for me. Not just use, but it also applies to what I wear, what I eat, drink, touch and the list goes on. My Googling mom makes sure she has the full information about a product, right from where it comes from, the brand, the ingredients, the tests done before it hit the market and if it is good for me to the social responsibility the company promotes and much more.
Natural ingredients ensure nothing is tampered with the natural tenor and characteristics of any product. Using artificial oils might give you good results in the short time but do not do any good to your child’s skin or health. In fact they damage the basic structure and can cause serious problems when you use them for longer times. Don’t go by the empty promises and tall claims. Look for the ingredients, check the background, check for side effects and most importantly skip them. Why would you opt for artificial solutions, more importantly chemical ones when you have lot of natural solutions and age old Ayurvedic options available?

In this context you can go ahead and read the review of Dabur 🙂 Yes, I had posted a review of the Dabur Lal Tail before and I am here today to tell you why their new product Dabur Baby Massage oil is very good for kids like me and younger than me. Made from completely natural ingredients with special focus on Olive and Almond, the new baby oil is a superb package.

Concentrating on the main area of providing nourishment and safe solution to help in muscle toning and retaining the soft skin, Dabur has come out with the new massage oil full of natural ingredients. You have to note that there are no harmful artificial colours or paraffins in the oil. Dabur also ensures that the oil is dermatologically tested and is proven to help in strengthening bones and muscles.
While the olives in the oil nourishes my skin and keeps it soft and help it grow, the almonds help in keeping it soft and supple. Made from the finest olives and almonds without adding anything unnatural, the Dabur Baby Massage oil offers a unique blend through a premium product that suits well to your child’s requirement. You can massage away and add your magical touch to ensure your baby loves you and the softness and suppleness in her skin stays the same for much longer.

Check out more about the goodness of Dabur and the Baby oil here.

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Comparison syndrome

Found this interesting post on dad’s phone. Thought you could share it with your parents.


A boy with his parents was travelling in their car. Father was driving and son was sitting in the back. Dad was driving this car very carefully because it was quite dear to him.

After a few minutes later, a modern car overtook their car.
Son told Father, “Dad this car went ahead of us, please use accelerator to overtake that car”.
Dad replied smilling, “Son, it is not possible, our car is not capable of going that fast”.

Within a few seconds, another car went ahead of them. Son got annoyed by it and told dad to press accelerator.

Dad replied to son in anger, “You are only seeing cars which are going ahead of us. There are many cars behind us. If we try to catch up with those cars in front of us, we may end up doing damage to our car”.

Son replied nicely, “Dad, you compare me with other smart kids and keep telling me to be like them. If I try to be like them, I might end up hurting myself right! You are only seeing smarter kids than me, but you are not seeing kids who are behind me.”

All parents must read.

Happy Father’s Day!

What can I say? The first thing I remember about coming into this world is seeing my anxious dad waiting to have a glimpse at me. The moment he saw me he closed his eyes and thanked God for giving me and then as the doctors were doing their bit in cleaning me up and dressing me he was hovering all around just to ensure I was safe. This is beautiful isn’t it? All parents are like this but my dad is special. I love my dad and he has been my best friend and my first love all the time. 

Every bit of the day he tries to be with me. Is partial towards me and is even too relaxed with me in terms of rules. He took good care of me when I was too small and helped mom to make me burp, give a bath, dress me up, and put me to sleep every day and so on. You see mom was recovering from the maternity issues and then dad was pitching in some extra effort to keep both of us happy. The best part and why I remember this so fondly is because of how much care he took of me when I fell sick or caught a cold. He always used to give me steam, apply Vicks to my shirt and help me stay upright by hugging me and sleeping all through the night. Breathing Vicks vapours help me relax and clear my little nose and breathe well.  At home we have more than 10 bottles in all the possible places and sizes always available to apply at our beck and call.

Even when he has 12 hour work days and when he was really tired he used to hug me and hold me warm and prance around the hall and living rooms all night to help me rock myself to sleep and keep me from waking up due to cold. I cherish it. Our moments. When I could be in his arms. Safe, sound, warm and healthy. Simple things of love, care and the strength and promise to be there when I was down. Though it may look like he is taking care of me, it is me who is taking care of him everyday! To hold me, guide me and help me recover and win. To help me fight cold, tiredness and fever. Though I am too small to talk and express what I feel and what I want to tell him, there is one language he understand very well and that is my hug. Every day I hug him tightly and tell him that I love him and appreciate whatever he has done for me and keeps doing. Thank you dad for being there for me when I am down. Thank you for everything. I love you.

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J for Juice

What is your favorite food? I like juices. Especially the freshly made ones. I love Chickoo, Orange and watermelon. I really enjoy the watermelon and the milkshakes. Essentially it is summer and mom makes sure I am hydrated and drink enough fluids. Being energetic to play all day, you need to have lots of fluids. I have recently acquired a taste for cornflakes and milk. What do you like most in juices?

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