D for Dad’s visit to Hyderabad


You know I am a daddy’s girl and I miss being with him and playing with him. Dad is the most beautiful thing that happened to me after mom . While I was away at Hyderabad taking care of my grandparents, dad was here in Bangalore and was attending work. However, when I missed him so much, he came over and took care of me. We went around in our car and played a lot. Aren’t all parents like that?  Once my fever came down, we all went to see the Zoo and I could see my favorite animal – The Giraffe!

He was so tall and was eating some leaves and was strolling around majestically as hundreds of people clicked pictures of him. He didn’t even look at them and sauntered off to his pen 🙂 We were still waiting when he came back and stole some more leaves and went off again. I looooved it!

I also saw the tiger, lion, monkeys, baby hippo and many other animals but my fascination was pulled by the lovely parakeets and other birds in the sanctuary. They were in so many colours and sizes and I was mesmerized. They were eating nuts 🙂

We went to Hebron and played there too. I loved the large grounds and lots of leaves there. Dad and me spent the whole evening under the massive trees and shades. We spent some quality time and went to the mall. I didn’t let him go and was full time with him. He had tough time splitting up his schedule among three of us.


B for Babysitting


Do you need babysitting? Who takes care of you when your parents have work to do or errands to run? Is it only a mom’s job or the grandparents? Even if it is grand parents who are handling you, isn’t it only the grand mom who is there all the time? For ages this was the situation. Not anymore. Things are changing. Men are moving from being mere fathers to Dads! Isn’t it just awesome?

The Little Tigress.JPG

Take my dad for example. He loves to be with me all the time, has all the patience in the world to understand my tantrums, problems, shares my happiness and fights with me so I win and is there almost all the time. I sometimes think he is my mother! Dad loves to be with me and take care of me when mom has work to do or rest. When do moms get rest otherwise. She is up all the time tending to me and working with me so much that she forgets to eat, sleep or simply sit down and have a calm cup of her favorite tea. Most of my friend’s moms have the same problem. When their fathers come home from work, they act as if they have been working and moms were just at home idling their time away and give more work and tasks for them to do. Instead of appreciating the time they spent running around the house taking care of a kid, it is otherwise. Thankfully this is changing in modern India. Men, like I said before are looking to be there more often than not and share the burden on equal basis.

Dad gives me bath, brushes my teeth, convinces me to drink my milk, have breakfast, helps me dress up and takes me for the walk and what not and then goes to work too. This is a beautiful relationship I share with my dad and this is not because he should but because he can. What about your father? Does he babysit you or is he an active parent? My dad doesn’t babysit, it is called Parenting. May his tribe increase.

If you are a mother or going to be one and are reading this, share this with your husband. If he is an active involving dad like mine, praise God and thank him for being so. Raising kids is not just a mom’s job, it belongs to both. That is why it is called parenting. Happy parenting to you!


Home with dada

Mum found this video online and shared with dad. I can’t stop sharing it with you guys. Here it is, what happens in a couple of hours with your parent. It is tough to handle parents, they throw so many tantrums you see. Here is a wonderful example of what happens when you have to handle your dad on your own!