E for Emotions


Yes. Children have emotions too. When they laugh, cry, smile, make a poker face or throw a tantrum, it is the way of expressing their emotions and also trying out how much you can handle and use it against you. When your child does it, be happy. Be very happy indeed as they are learning to use their emotional quotient against you and the people around them and it is important for them to do learn that fast and learn it well.

Most of the times we choose to ignore their emotions and it hurts them like it does to you. Addressing the emotions can help your child relax and be happy. We all need closure don’t we.

The Little Tigress .JPG
I will tell you what my dad and mom do! Whenever they see me going through something, as a small child I may not have bigger problems and mostly it is that chocolate or toy mom and dad didn’t buy or didn’t let me play enough and so on, but they take action.

Sometimes mom explains to me why they didn’t let me do that or dad says sorry and then tells me why. Most of the times, I don’t understand or may be I do! I definitely know that they are coming back to me from that position they had taken.

When I fall down, fail, don’t listen to them, they pick me up and show that they care and explain that it is okay. Dad tells me he loves me a hundred times in a day! More than that actually and the same to mom. By doing this they are sending me a message that they are there for me and that they care. Isn’t it awesome. Dad says that as a child I observe my parents and will imbibe the principles in me. What do you think? Do you have an emotional bond with your child?



G for Glasses’

I love glasses. Pulling them from grand mom, grandpa and playing with them is my favorite past time. I have seen how they wear and they look different when they aren’t wearing them. I try to put them on me and post but as they wear glasses for power, I cannot see anything in them. However the pulling and the fuss that comes about later is fun. 

Pulling dad’s glasses is an entirely different task I have mastered. Once when I was young, I mean very young, I pulled his glass and scratched them on the floor and he was cool with it. He didn’t scold me or anything. When you let your children learn and see they might learn more. It is essential to develop a discipline but don’t stop exploration. Exploration helps develop curiosity, knowledge and help improve personality and encourages open thinking. What about you? Do you like your children to learn and explore or allow them to touch and play only in designated places, things?

I like seeing through colorful sheets and glasses. The world looks a different place then. I would like to see a world without pain, without anger, revenge and with a lot of love, sharing and caring. What would you like to see? What is your glass?

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F for fireworks

Guess what happened when we went up to terrace last night?! Fireworks. Someone in the neighbourhood was celebrating something and thy decided to send out some nice fireworks to the night sky. The dark clouds that shrouded the evening sky in Bangalore only helped them glow in full bloom. This picture doesn’t do any justice to the times of purple, red, yellow and orange that I saw and what a delight it was. I was amazed at the colourful display that unfolded unexpectedly in front of my eyes.

Dad tells me that some of the fireworks are dangerous and need to be handled by parental supervision only. I agree. Do you like fireworks? Which one is your favourite? Dad promised me we will buy some next time they are available and celebrate. I think he means when I grow up?! Dad bhi na!

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C is for catch

We Caught the rain today! Quite literally. Dad and me set out to go for our loan pending walk in the neighbourhood and it was quite warm. In fact so warm that I was wearing jeans. As we proceeded on our dialysis ritual to inspect our spots in the street and reach our milk vendor’s shop, plop it came down. A big rain drop.

I love rains and love playing with mom in them and get wet. Unlike many parents mine let me get wet 🙂 So plop it came down and dad looked slightly worried as we were quite far from home and were planning to go to a mall for some window shopping and juice for me. Still we went ahead and were waiting for auto when it started to blow really strong and power went off. The leaves from all the trees started playing with the wind and little tiny drops of rain started splattering on me and all around. This was a new experience and I started playing. So we cancelled the trip and started playing in the drops. We also started walking back home and traced our steps back just in time when it started to pour. I went to the balcony and still played for a long time. Did you catch the rain today? Simple things help you learn and appreciate what we usually take for granted 🙂

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Missing Mum

I miss you dad and mum. I miss spending time with both of you. I love the time I am spending with akka, peddamma and ammamma but I really miss you. I know you love me and this separation is just tempararoy and you would come back to me but this is just unbearable. How do I express it to you? How do I share my feelings with you? I love this new friend I have but I don’t think I like the fact I am being separated. Mum, I love the warmth when you hug me and love me and hold me close to you. Why this pillow? Why is this between us? The biggest plus point of all this is that dad spends time with me – complete unconditional time with me. I hit him, bite him, kick him, climb on him and harass him but he is patient and loves me and cazoles me. We read stories, sing songs, play, chase each other around. I then drink milk, eat snacks and get back to playing as long as I have the energy to play and then go to sleep as the sun is coming up. Dad then slowly picks me up and walks humming songs to me. As I hold his chain or collar lest he leaves me and he puts me on the bed to rest. 

Mum I know you miss me too and that you love me big time. Don’t worry mum, I am a big girl now. Dad, though he can never replace you (or can he?), is taking food care of me. I have some complaints though which I will tell you once we sit down to talk without him. Rest well mum and get back to your feet. Dad said you are a fighter and have fought and won a major battle. I am there to support you and hold you for comfort if you need me. I am just a call away. Till then take care of your health and rest. I need all the love I missed with interest back from you. Now back to kicking dad. By the way, we went to the morning walk today and it was awesome. I didn’t walk for long though and made dad carry me all the while. We saw parrots today. They were so green and had red noses. I loved it. Mum… I love you soooo much. But I think I love dad a tad bit more 😛


Woman’s day – a 2 year old perspective!

Why do you need to celebrate woman’s day? I don’t understand. 

Not because I am just 2 years old and will take quite sometime before growing up into a woman, but I don’t understand the concept. My mum,who I am told, is a woman and is a wonderful one at that. My grand mums too are women, it seems, and I am told they are awesome too. At home, I don’t see a difference between my mum and dad either in their behavior or what they do. Nappy changing, feeding, giving bath, handling my tantrums, play time, colic relief, comfort hugs, emotional outbursts and everything is taken with equal responsibility and they seem to be competing to help me out. I am mighty impressed at their service.

Of course I choose whom I would like to be served by. Mostly it is my favorite person in the whole world – my dad! I really don’t understand why he disappears during the day without taking care of me and mum. I think he takes too many breaks from his work (of being at my service). But mum takes good care of me when he is not there. Mum is my fall-back-help. Coming back to women’s day, I am told, it is a lot of work being a woman – being a mom, working with a child is like working with a highly irritating, low paying (pay? What pay?), non-appreciative boss without a leave, break continuously for the next 40-50 years of your life. This is your second job apart from being a good daughter to your parents, a good wife (another toughest job in the world) to your husband, a responsible, sensitive, obedient and smart working (paid job), beautiful daughter in law, a hands-on mum and a naturally patient woman who handles any challenge she is put forth against.

So being mum isn’t easy. May be you should celebrate such patience, such love, such caring, empathizing, character which is so difficult to play even for a limited time. May be we shouldn’t – It is just a part of life, every day is a women’s day. A day when she has to fight against all odds both at home, work, society and life… to win, to succeed, to matter, to contribute and to establish the status quo so things don’t change.

May be we should – to sensitize people who didn’t have time in their life to appreciate, to thank and to acknowledge what they are being blessed with. May be it is necessary to provide a platform to showcase the tireless contribution that deserves the utmost praise for being a mum. So while I grow up and understand all these troublesome, painstaking womanhood, let me live it up by pranking mum, dad, play with my toys, listen to some good (funny sounding dad songs) music, rest, eat, learn and have fun before getting ready to fight the odds, be a winner and contribute to the world after challenging everything set for me to fail. As I am reminded when I see dad, there are some really good dads out there, really good people who would side with me, remove my obstacles, let me grow, learn and fight. 

To all the mums, women out there, here is endless love, a zillion thanks and a really warm woman’s day from the bottom of my heart. For all the dads who are hands on (including you dad), all the men who are appreciative, loving, caring and thankful for having a wonderful human being – either a mom, wife, daughter, colleague, friend… Thank you. You guys rock and make it all worthwhile. In your body you may be a man, but in your heart, you are a woman. So Happy woman’s day!


The sleepy house

I have this toy house that mom got for me and I am exploring its various options. I like this one better. It allows me to look at the world in a different view. Dad feels I still got to learn how to use it but I assured him that I am doing it well. Parents… these days!

If I only learn how to use anything just as it should be, how will I explore and learn on my own? If you teach me everything, why would I learn something else? Won’t you give chance to use creativity? If the house has to be standing as I play in it, why would I ever understand how it would be otherwise?!

Yes my house is sleepy. My energy is high but the exploration and learning could be at the cost of a few thousands but the learning is worth. There are multiple dreams in the house and yes let it sleep on, dream on. Let your children dream on.


Who likes shopping?

We usually go to Bangalore Central for shopping. I like the place as it has many colors, open space and is very bright and nice. Dad let’s mom go to shop while I do a little exploring on my own. here we are in the dresses section finding something nice for mom. I love my yellow dress and the shoes are superb combination. What do you think?

Well the staff are courteous and friendly too. I am already liking this bit, I mean shopping and am sure dad won’t mind at all. Off late, I am choosing most of the stuff we buy 🙂

So what do we do once mom comes back? We all go to the counter and pay. I love the part when dad or mom sign off on the chargeslip. Many times I take the pen off and put in my initials 🙂


Busy Basket

I am so active that you got to look at me to believe. I am very agile, mobile and explorative. I don’t leave any nook and corner of the house and finally come to mom for a refill of toys. So once I finish playing with all my toys, I feel bored. To keep me from getting bored, mom designs a busy basket every day for me. The busy basket has many surprises in store. Each of these is carefully crafted by mom and is a mixture of things for me to hold, touch, smell, taste and explore. Sometimes the basket has all vegetables, toys and combinations, sometimes it is the turn of colorful papers, bits, clothes and toys. 

With the busy basket, mom can monitor and see hat I am doing and how I am I responding to several colors, shapes and sizes and help me explore, learn and see for myself. I love the busy basket idea and look forward to it everyday. Mom shared the idea on a social networking forum and she got amazing response from kids there too. Why don’t you try for your toddlers the same?

Did I tell you my mumma is so creative and all that came from me when I was in her tummy 😀