Tataiah means grandfather in telugu. I love my grandfather and he loves me more. I am blessed to have two grandparents who are quite diverse from the other. For my paternal grandfather, I am the first grandchild and dad being the only son they had I am the first girl child in the family and they love me for that.


When he saw me for the first time had to wipe his tears constantly for the joy of seeing me 🙂 I smiled and kicked on in joy and he loved me doing that. He keeps bringing me gifts, snacks that nanamma  makes and keeps visiting me often. He travels a lot for his job and at each possible time he makes sure to drop in. When he is here he takes me to the mall, gets me whatever I want and spends quality time with me. Dad gets jealous sometimes about this 🙂

He had told dad that he would get nothing from the inheritance and has to tend for his own and I would get all the  savings, gold and stuff they save! Being a girl child, I am very happy that things are changing in here and hope there are more grandparents and parents who would think in these lines.

Love you Tataiah.


at Grandpas


Psalm 52:8
I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever.