Bomb diffuser

I have finally trained mom and dad to be bomb diffusers.


I love falling asleep on mum or dad’s shoulder and after a couple of hours of singing, playing, when I finally fall asleep, they just stay like that for another 10-15 mins to ensure I go into deep sleep. Then they can put me on my bed and slowly back out without making a whiff of a sound. They also speak in hushed tones and muted giggles when I sleep. I am such a good trainer! Just to make it more interesting, I leave squeaky toys around randomly on the floor for them to step on and pour water all around so they slip. 🙂


I for I’ve got mail

Courier for AAJ. 
A letter arrived today in mail and dad has sent me one from the airport using Indian Postal Service. Snail mail as it is called these days is a dying art like thing in India and we don’t know how long it would be active.

Do you like getting letters? Need not be physical but any letters other than basic communication. Whatever happened to the coochy cooing that our parents had when they were young! Dad spends a lot of time with us talking to us and telling us about our day and mom and I listen patiently to him. He doesn’t leave it at that and makes us tell about our day. I love talking to him and sharing my day with him. He is neutral and loves listening to me with an open mind. Mom tells me so many things during the day and tells me so many things.

We also let others have their personal time and are very comfortable being silent in one another’s presence. So going back to the letter… it said he loves me more than anything else in this world and how precious and good baby girl I have been 🙂 Now Would you not love that?

Messi play time

So how do you play? Clean, neat and nice? Well that is tough when you are small and I have always been encouraged to play freestyle and the mess actually is clean. I move from one toy to another and then another and another and mom has a lot of work to do when she picks them up after me. Now I am too small to pick my own toys but mom doesn’t complain. Once in a while dad chips in too. I play with everything that comes around and I can get my hands on. If you don’t find something then it must be in my toys. 

Dad says it helps increase my ability to decipher what things are and helps me grow my creativity when I am indoors. While I broke his watches, phones and many other delicate items, mom encourages me to explore and play. So this is what it looks when I am just warming up. So here is to playing messy and growing up. Have a great day!


He Drove All Night

I was running high fever. 103 F to be exact. I was not sick because of viral. I was sick because my heart longed to meet someone. Mom knew what was happening. She called him and put him on speaker and told me to speak to him. 

I couldn’t speak to him on the phone. I wanted to tell him all that is in my heart. How much I longed to see him, meet him, touch his face and hug him but the words weren’t easy. I was full of tears and my voice choked. I was too overwhelmed by emotion that just little wails escaped. Mom took the phone away hugged me and tried to console me. I was missing him big time and didn’t stay this long away from him. I cried myself to sleep and was dreaming that he was with me. Holding me. Consoling me and kissing me and telling me not to worry.

He couldn’t stay back. It was already late in the night and he just walked out of wherever he was and took the first thing he could. He wanted to drive but mom requested him not to. After traveling for 10 hours swapping buses, autos, taxis, walked and reached me. I was still in sleep when he came up, took bath and quickly changed to snuggle against me. I still had fever. 
He held me close and whispered how much he loved me and apologized for not being there. Next to me. He was there when I woke up. He was caressing me curls and gently kissing my forehead. He might not have driven all night but he was there next to me and hugging me. I woke up sweating and my fever had come down. Whole morning he was with me listening to everything I told and did all that I wanted to do. I don’t remember when the fever left me. I was up and running all over. My happiness and smile returned. I may be doing whatever I want all day and night. But when I sleep or am down or am sick, I miss him dearly. I may be my mom’s girl but I am my dad’s princess. My dad took this trip. He might not have driven all night but made it home to me. Just to wipe out my tears and make me smile.

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Comparison syndrome

Found this interesting post on dad’s phone. Thought you could share it with your parents.


A boy with his parents was travelling in their car. Father was driving and son was sitting in the back. Dad was driving this car very carefully because it was quite dear to him.

After a few minutes later, a modern car overtook their car.
Son told Father, “Dad this car went ahead of us, please use accelerator to overtake that car”.
Dad replied smilling, “Son, it is not possible, our car is not capable of going that fast”.

Within a few seconds, another car went ahead of them. Son got annoyed by it and told dad to press accelerator.

Dad replied to son in anger, “You are only seeing cars which are going ahead of us. There are many cars behind us. If we try to catch up with those cars in front of us, we may end up doing damage to our car”.

Son replied nicely, “Dad, you compare me with other smart kids and keep telling me to be like them. If I try to be like them, I might end up hurting myself right! You are only seeing smarter kids than me, but you are not seeing kids who are behind me.”

All parents must read.

Healthy Detox

I am the best healthy detox available for dad says. He comes home tired from his days work and I run to him to hold me and tell him how my day was. He lives to talk to me listen to me and is very responsive. He says all his tiredness goes away when he looks at me and sees me smile.

Mom works all day too. Tending to me isn’t an easy job. It requires her to be alert all the time, be active and improvise based on what I throw at her. She tells me she gets rejuvenated when she gets a thank you hug from me. I love both of them and they lover too. 

What’s your detox? Parenting is not necessarily easy but with a little help from us mom and dad can pull it though. What do you think?

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C is for catch

We Caught the rain today! Quite literally. Dad and me set out to go for our loan pending walk in the neighbourhood and it was quite warm. In fact so warm that I was wearing jeans. As we proceeded on our dialysis ritual to inspect our spots in the street and reach our milk vendor’s shop, plop it came down. A big rain drop.

I love rains and love playing with mom in them and get wet. Unlike many parents mine let me get wet 🙂 So plop it came down and dad looked slightly worried as we were quite far from home and were planning to go to a mall for some window shopping and juice for me. Still we went ahead and were waiting for auto when it started to blow really strong and power went off. The leaves from all the trees started playing with the wind and little tiny drops of rain started splattering on me and all around. This was a new experience and I started playing. So we cancelled the trip and started playing in the drops. We also started walking back home and traced our steps back just in time when it started to pour. I went to the balcony and still played for a long time. Did you catch the rain today? Simple things help you learn and appreciate what we usually take for granted 🙂

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Home with dada

Mum found this video online and shared with dad. I can’t stop sharing it with you guys. Here it is, what happens in a couple of hours with your parent. It is tough to handle parents, they throw so many tantrums you see. Here is a wonderful example of what happens when you have to handle your dad on your own!

Play time with dad

Yaaaaaay! I am in my favorite place with dad. I love coming here as it has so many toys and jumping bouncing toys for me to play. I am really fond of the slide here with the LED lights. I also like the Aunty who guards the security here likes me and wishes me when I go in or come out.

Mom gets enough time to go shop and relax without worrying about me. It is a luxury you know to be on her own. I am sometimes worried about her safety and really want to be with her when she goes out on her own as she has never been alone. Dad says mom will learn to take care of her own. Where do you go to play?