Early riser

You know I like playing a lot. I mean literally a lot! What you might not know is that I am now following US timings for the playing. Obviously as the Independence Day approaches, dad is worried as mom is tired and I am just excited!

What makes me stay up so late and yet be giggling and playing so early is a mystery to dad and mom. It is not so for me. I don’t want to waste time thinking. Let me get back to my play. Good morning folks. Have a great day. I am already having one.

Celebrating the Fourth of July!


I bite. Good night.

I am very energetic and have loads of fun since the last two days. I am starting to demand more from mom and dad. Mom is exhausted, dad is tired from work. Last night I kicked, scratched and bit dad and coerced him to play with me. He was too sleepy and tired but he managed to spend a couple of hours. Mom on the other hand is digging deep into her supply of sleeplessness and is still smiling 🙂 They are scared I will fall down from the cot, so we are all sleeping on the floor with a couple of extra mattresses, which mean I have more play area!

Guess they don’t need to exercise any more as I am there to make them run, tire and be on the tenterhooks all day. Okay now I played all night and now is the time to rest and get my beauty sleep.

Today after I bite, and I like it. Now I sleep. Good night.

Thank you Lord!

I am glad to be in this world. I am glad God has given me a lot of good things in my life(I know I am so young, so cute and so awesome.. still). God has been really good to me and my parents.

There is no reason why I shouldn’t be not thanking God. Thank you dear Lord. Today I will sing with joy and praise you with all the archangels. Lord! You have been wonderful 🙂

Bangles time

Time to get some gold bangles for me. Nanamma is buying awesome ones for me. I am getting bangles, anklets and a lot of cool stuff from Nanamma. Dad wanted to buy a long time back but he wanted that to come from Nanamma’s gold reserves! And lo! I am getting from there.

Dad tells me he will buy me several sets of those and I wanted to know if you know a place in Bangalore where I can get good designs, simple yet awesome ones, which are kid-friendly?

Wait till I put them up to show here 🙂


I am irritated today.

My hair is all tangled and I was busy playing with dad for the last two days and I am deprived of sleep.

Now that I am trying to sleep, there are so many noises – pump, utensils, water, power cuts and what not. I am irritated and so is mom. Dad is staying away from mom and is trying to cool me with so many kisses.

Mom loves to cuddle me and hold me and make sure a thousand times that I am fine and absolutely comfortable.

Okay am going back to sleep now. Good day to you all.

In love with Zumi zumi song

I love the new tvc from Vodafone. I love the little guys dancing to a tune and I bob my head to match their moves. Dad said he would get me those toys once they are out in the market. Looking forward to playing with them. here is the TVC for you to enjoy.

My first movie!

I watched bits of Finding Nemo today. I was so attracted to the colors and the fish swimming that mom and dad allowed me to watch it for almost 10 mins. Mom said my eyes are so delicate and I need to grow up before I could watch for longer hours.

I am trying to decipher what all goes on around me but here is the story dad told me with the nemo soft toy 🙂

A small clown fish named Nemo gets lost(that’s what I understand) and his dad goes on an adventure trying to find him. Now Dad is very cautious to let Nemo go but in this case Nemo goes beyond dad’s and his own and the circumstances point to a harder life. In the process of finding Nemo with an unexpected partner Dory, Dad gets to an adventure of a lifetime. I liked turtles and their cool attitude and mom is going to buy a good soft toy turtle. Nemo has his own adventure where he realizes that his dad wanted to guard him from all the evil but he has to win his own battles and come out a winner. In the end, they unite and realize that their bonding has only grown with the separation and they now love each other more.

It is a beautiful story with a lot of good animation and colors. I loved it. have to grow up and watch 🙂 Bye for now. Gnite. Love you all. Goooo gu gu cooooooooooooooooooooo!

 Pics are from google.