It’s not even a week that I shared my mom’s fear of Gluten and today the following happened.

Mom was successful in keeping me away from Wheat.  She wanted to feed me wheat only when I turn one.

This morning, when mom was having her Tea and Marie biscuits I was next to her trying to grab biscuit. Thinking that I would play with it and not keep in mouth mom gave me one. That was it. SNAP!  I took a big bite. That was a big bite because I knew mom would snatch it from me after doing this mischief.
She was worried, took me in hands, rushed to kitchen and gave me water to drink. She was scared that I would choke. She threw the biscuit in the bin. I got angry and asked her to give me back. She understands my language well. She felt bad looking at me, said ‘sorry’ and gave me another biscuit with bonus including a hug and a kiss 🙂 .

This time she sat next to me with a glass of water and her mobile camera in hand. Dad was missing that moment. She wanted to capture.

I ate the biscuit and I liked the taste. I had almost half of it. I started feeling wheatish ( you know what I mean 😉 ). After having some more water and getting back to work with my toys , I could see a sigh of relief on mamma’s  face. She kissed me and said I’m a big girl now 🙂

With this my WHEATING ceremony was over. Because I ate wheat mom made some Upma for me this noon and I enjoyed it too. Yeyyy…!!! some more new varieties added to my menu.
I am now waiting to taste that Vermicelli payasam which dad loves. .

Would you suggest mom some wheat recipes please? 




This word scares mom.
I am away from all products that contain Gluten, specially Wheat.
Mom says wheat is listed in the“Big Eight” of food allergies and contains ‘Gluten’ a protein which causes some allergies .
Mom tried getting some gluten free biscuits but she wasn’t comfortable with the quality.
I am eager to wait to taste some Cakes, Biscuits and that Vermicelli payasam which mom makes for Dad.
I always heard him saying ” Fantastic ” after tasting it.
When he tries to feed me some, mom screams “NO….!” wait for few more days pleeeaaaase.
Just a month to go and I can enjoy Wheat and Oats. Yeyyyy!!!!

Do you feed wheat to your babies? When did you start giving them wheat?

Why don’t you tell my mom that it’s ok to give me those Marie biscuits and Parle G?