Visiting Mr. Giraffe

Did you know that my favorite animal is the Giraffe? I had several toys of Giraffe and I always wanted to see one for real but didn’t get the opportunity. Now that we are in Hyderabad, Mom made sure we visited the Nehru Zoo and this was incredible experience for me as I enjoyed to the core. Though it was a hot day, we went in dad’s car and could get to see several animals and most importantly the Giraffe 🙂 

He was strolling joyfully in the park and was amazing to see. He is sooooooo tall and had a long with which he was eating leaves. Do you know how easy he can reach the tall trees and the leaves? We also saw lions, tigers, birds and many other interesting animals here. If you are in Hyderabad, you must visit this place.


‘Tiny’ the giraffe

‘Tiny’ the Giraffe, is my favourite Eco-friendly toy.
Mom and Dad try their best to be Eco-friendly. Dad works for an organization which promotes Eco- friendly communities and mom is always in to recycling and up-cycling some or the other at home.
Did you like my friend ‘Tiny’?