My best friends visit

My best friend Punitha aunty is home after many months and am busy playing with her.

She was my first friend. She is my friend from my ‘womb’ days. I heard her voice more than any others’. She took care of me very well. When dad was out of country and mom couldn’t go any where it was Punitha aunty who helped mom and me. What ever I craved for she got me :).

I used to speak to her  from mommy’s tummy. She was there with mom and dad on my day of arrival to welcome me. Other than Dad and Ammamma she was the first one to hold me and kiss me ( of course after my doctor aunty Dr. Shantala).

I love Punitha aunty. She got married and went to a place far from our home. She can’t visit me often but I still remember her and her voice. I couldn’t attend her wedding and meet Bharath uncle because I was too young to travel then.

By the way, forgot to mention Punitha aunty was my mom’s room mate at PGH who turned to be her best friend.

Ok, will tell more some other time again, let me play more with her now. Bye bye…