Kicking cold, the Tigress way

I am down with cold for the last two days and am running high fever. That doesn’t mean I am moaning or nagging mommy and daddy to care for me. I am a grown up girl and have amazing patience and perseverance in handling problems. Dad says he is proud of me and mom says I am very brave and strong.

Now you know that mom and dad don’t medicate me often and let the illness stay and let my body fight on its own. As my fever didn’t come down in two days dad decided to give me some 1 ml of Calpol to bring the temperature down and some T-minic to stop the nose irritation. With some nice oil massage and hot water bath my fever was brought under control. I was too weak to play or go running around which I love to do.

Nanamma called and prayed for me and applied oil and I am fine by God’s grace.

When dad used to come down with fever nanamma used to give him mutton stock or hot chicken soup and dad tried that on me when I was about eight months old and it worked! Since then you know what my favourite medicine is!

Some hot mutton stock mom prepared along with some hugging and keeping me warm brought me right back up. I am back to playing with ally toys which I missed in the last two days and as dad types this for me I am playing and singing rhymes with mom.

Thank you all for your love, affection and prayers. Peace and the Lord’s blessing be with you and your family.


Cold and ice cream

What do you do when your kids have cold? Are they fussy? Do you give them something hot to drink or some thing cold?

I am allowed to eat ice cream, of course when it is almost normal temperature, but even when I am cold. Dad lets me eat what I want. I am not a fussy girl which means I don’t keep crying and cuddling when I have cold. I play it cool and get so many compliments from mom and dad. Mom gets anxious when I have cold but dad says it is okay. They don’t rush tot he medicine cabinet too and let it go on its own unless I have serious problem.

How do you treat your children when they are sick? Do you rush to give medicine before we start fighting the sickness on our own?

I smile when I am weak

So I managed to keep dad at home today with my tantrums and fever. Mom and dad are on their toes waiting to see how I respond without medicine. High temperature and my dull demeanor convinced mom who in turn convinced dad to give me a couple of drops of calpol.

I was playing you know, when I got up and my smiles melted their fears down but the temperature was still high. Dad called doctor Bharath and he felt the same as dad and told to wait it out. I am going back to sleep now. I am told my grandpa and granny are worried about me. Granny is praying for my recovery. Won’t you too?

Gnite. Time for me to rest and fight with dad. *Weak smile*