Scary Santa

I met Santa this year for the first time. I was scared to see him. He is not the same Santa I know.
The Santa I see in jingle bells is different. My Santa is cuddly, calm, smiling and has lots of chocolates and presents. This santa had cotton for his hair and beard. THough he tried to be nice when dad got on to the chariot with him and me, I didn’t like him. I cried looking at him.
Mom and Dad tried their best to make me friends with him but I did not like him. I like my santa in rhymes and cartoons better.

Dad says I will understand when I grow up and said it is okay if I didn’t want to get close to Santa 🙂 I get my gifts from my rhymes santa anyways and this santa here at the mall is just a friend of my santa. We had a nice lunch and came back home.

Tell me about your visit to the Santa? Tell him I miss him!



I am too small to get dressed up in Halloween costume. While the celebrations are slowly coming up across Bengaluru, it might be long before we have this tradition in full swing. Dad feels that schools on the other hand are trying to emulate and embrace the system. I don’t know if I will like it when I grow up and will I decide to go door to door trick or treating, I would have to wait and see. I don’t mind showing off my halo though.

Do you like your children to celebrate all the festivals? Share your Halloween costumes.