Ouch! I am hurt…

For the first time ever this evening at around 4:30 I fell down and hit the back of my head on floor.

I was siting and playing with some stacks and wanted to lean on pillows my mom usually keep. They weren’t there and I hit my head badly. Mom and Dad were shocked and their hearts skipped a beat. Mom came running from kitchen and dad immediately held me in his arms.  I cried for few seconds but cheered up when mom sang itsy bitsy spider. Dad took me out for a walk to make me feel relaxed. I love them so much.  

Please tell them that it’s quite normal to fall while learning to crawl and walk. Parenting is a tough job I guess. Tell me about the first time you fell.

Mom and her new job

Dad came early this evening and took me and mom for a drive within the colony.
First we went to a small roadside tea shop where mom had her favourite Tea. She told me that she used to have tea there every day during her working days. I saw her office which is very near to the tea stall. She used to work there before my arrival.

Now she works for me full time :). 365 days and 24×7.Oh! I pay her well. So many smiles,kisses and hugs all through the day. Mom says she is super happy with her new job and will stay in this job forever.

Amma, I promise! I will always keep you happy :). Love you so much.Mmmmuaahhh.