I am two and lovely too

Wow! That was fast. Not long ago dad was inviting me into this world and I could see his happy face choking with emotions as I peeped out of mom’s tummy and here I am, two years old and viola it was fast. What do I say? It was a roller coaster ride all through and this blog has helped me to stay connected and following my chronicles. I have over 8 million views on facebook and so much love, you guys have been so kind and generous with your prayers. Thank you. Stay with me as I learn to explore more places, people, food and life as a roller coaster. Here is what we did when I turned two!

A new dress, a wonderful cake, lovely balloons and a beautiful family prayer and celebration. We also went to an orphanage and gave away all the money I was intended to shop with. This is second year in a row. Here is my dress for the birthday from Faye. Do you like it?